Recipe For Memories

I was terribly deprived as a child.  I've just found out and I'm not happy.  Seems most people have wonderful memories of meals their mom's made them.  They even had special things their mom's made!  I've been reading the book "A Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg.  It's a wonderful book that combines a heartwarming story with each recipe and reads very much like a novel.  

Could this be the reason I don't cook?  I never had a mom who cooked.  Well she cooked but what she cooked I have very little good memories of.  Actually I have many bad memories of her food.  Like the roast she would cook once a week, or should I say, over cook once a week.  We would have a roast with potatoes and some over cooked frozen vegetable.  Then the next night we'd have left over roast, even dryer than the first night, choke.  On the third night we'd have stroganoff which may have been okay but I didn't like mushrooms so I hated it.  If there was any left after that we'd have hash.  Hash was roast ground up with potatoes and fried up.  It might have been tasty if my mom had figured out it needed some seasoning and maybe a bit of butter or something so it wasn't so dry.

We all sat down to eat together and most of our meals were made from scratch so we got a couple of the things right.  It's just the good food we didn't get to have.   Other than the roast I don't really remember too many of her meals.  She did used to cook this sweet and sour chicken with rice that was good.  She was an average baker and made most of her baked goods from scratch.   I'm sure she was busy with four kids and a job and didn't have much time for cooking or baking.

Maybe I'm just not a foodie.  I was a bit of a picky eater.  I'm not so much anymore but there are still a few things I won't eat.    I think my taste buds finally calmed down enough so that certain things didn't taste as strong anymore so I could finally enjoy them in my later years.  My daughter is similar.  The difference is that she doesn't eat fruit.  Such a weird thing not to like.  She hasn't had a piece of fruit pass her lips for years and she's 12 now.  The Dr. said she would outgrow it but we are still waiting.  Stupid Dr.!

My husband does some cooking and he's pretty good but he only cooks about five things.  He makes spagetti of course, pizza (dough and all), pancakes, cookies, cakes(all scratch), and a few other meals.  We are pretty bored with those though.  Our palates have moved on and are ready for something new.  He uses his pizza dough recipe for every type of dough he makes.  And when I say recipe I mean the recipe he has in his head cause this man doesn't often use a written recipe.

Instead of cooking or learning to cook anything I've turned to reading cook books.  They make my mouth water and I can feel myself wanting to cook or bake something until I get in my kitchen.  I blame my kitchen for it all.  It's a rather depressing place that looks out into our messy neighbour's yard.  I've shared a few pictures of what that looks like.  Our stove doesn't heat properly and is tilted so any cakes you make come out tilted a bit too.  One element is broken entirely.  There is little counter space and things get cluttered up quickly.  It's not an ideal work environment.  If it were sunny and bright it would be barely tolerable in there but it's poor space and lighting make it a crappy place to learn a new skill.

I have so many cook books it's getting silly.  I don't cook for heaven's sakes!  I don't know why I think if I buy just the right cook book I'm going to all of a sudden turn into a great cook or learn to cook something wonderful.  I could probably find any recipe on the planet online somewhere making the need of a cook book nill.  But I persist in buying cook books.  I know I'm not the only one who does this but I'm sure the others who buy the books actually make use them sometimes.

I'm making a promise to you right now that I will not buy another cook book until I've used all the ones I already own at least once!  That should do it.  I'll never do that so now I can save my money to eat out instead of buying cook books that never get used.


Capital Mom said…
I don't buy cookbooks anymore. I just gone online and look at my pictures there. :-)
Sparkless said…
See that's what I should do but for some stupid reason I keep buying cook books that I never use. It's a disease I think.

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