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Bears are Everywhere!

The lady behind our house told us a bear had climbed over our fence and was in our yard the other night.  No worries cause our gardens are pitiful.  I looked all over and didn't see any damage.  He didn't even eat the blueberries that are left on the bush or eat the grapes that aren't ripe.  Maybe he's waiting for them to get ripe.  I'll be a little more cautious sitting outside at night.

Today we went to my nephews wedding.  They got married at a local park.  It was a perfect day for a wedding outside.  It was 1pm in the afternoon.  They had placed the front near the edge of the park.  As the minister was saying his stuff you could see this little bear creeping up behind them.  He was about 20 ft from the bride and groom.  People were laughing and taking pictures.  Finally the bride and groom figured out something was up and noticed the bear.  A man got up and chased the bear  away.

We are pretty used to bears here.  Most people aren't afraid of them and not …

Milestone Birthdays

My birthday is in late September.  I'll be 49 which led me to start thinking about turning 50 in a little over a year.  I would love to do something fun, something different, something amazing mostly.  My husband turns 50 next March so we could do a joint thing together.

The trouble with that is what would he like to do that I'd also like to do.  We could take a trip together but how to save enough money.  We could have a family bash and really do things up which would be fun but you know we kind of do that already, just a little less done up.

I'm still dreaming of that cabin on the lake.  I'd love to go to a lake cabin for about a week and just enjoy life with a canoe and some good hiking boots.  But if I want to do this I need to plan to save enough money and get myself in shape.  I'm horribly out of shape, now that's not right, I've got entirely too much shape.  I need less shape and more muscles.

I should talk to the husband to see what he thinks.  He m…

Terrible Tomato

What is it with tomatoes?  Does every recipe for summer or healthy eating have to have tomatoes in them?  I mean really some of us can't eat them.  I can eat them when they are cooked down into a sauce but I can't eat them raw.  Most summer recipes include tomatoes and leaving them out when they are the main part of the recipe just doesn't work.

Someone told me to substitute with red peppers but unless you grow red peppers those things are expensive!  Like $5/lb expensive.  So I won't be using red peppers.

Even when they are cooked I have to be careful how much I eat or I'll suffer later.  I'd love to be able to eat tomatoes but I can't and there just don't seem to be many recipes that don't have tomatoes in them.  I think cooks like to use them because they add color to their recipes and look good.  I know they taste good and are good for you too but it seems like tomatoes are a staple and no one knows what to do if they don't have any.  What e…


I am both sad and happy that it is raining tonight.  I'm happy because it has been so hot and dry and everything needs a good drink.  I'm sad because this is the last night the kids and husband are camping.  I just hope they know enough to put things away at night and cover their picnic table with a tarp.  They don't have a cover to go over the table so if it rains they are pretty much stuck in the tent with no cover from the rain other than the truck.  They borrowed my dad's truck because it would have taken two trips for them to get all the gear to the camp site.

When we camped as kids we always set up a tarp over the table so if it rained you could still sit and play cards or read.  Plus you could still cook and eat.  Lucky for the kids the husband brought muffins for a couple of breakfasts.  They are only gone for three nights.  I hope the thunder and lightening makes the camping more fun since they are leaving tomorrow morning before 11am. 

It sounds like the stor…


I bought 20lbs of organic blueberries and boy are they nice and sweet.  Most of them I'm freezing but I need to make a couple of Mama Pea's Blueberry Buckles, one for us and one for my parents.  We'll keep some fresh for eating in our yogurt and putting on our pancakes.  I need to get most of them frozen cause our house is so hot inside and there's not much room in the fridge for them.

And I know how much you all love pictures so here are pictures of my blueberries.

I wrote this post last Thursday but haven't been able to get it to post.  My computer needs a reformat or it could be the internet/router.  I hope when all the kids go back to school the problem resolves because I dread having to do a reformat.  It just takes so looooooooooong!

Self Loathing Can Take a Hike

It has been cooling down at night here.  This is rare in August and I am loving it.  I can sleep at night and I can even sleep with a cover on.  I'm not all sprawled out half clothed on the bed sweating all night and wishing a bucket of ice water would fall on my head.  It's still plenty hot during the day but at night it's cooling down.  I can handle a summer like that.

I have so many chores to do and I'm not making any headway on my list.  This happens to me all the time.  I start to make a list and it gets too big and overwhelming so I kind of give up.  That means little gets done.  You'd think by my advanced age I'd have figured out how to get on with things but nope, I'm still struggling along like a baby.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel happy with all that I get done in a day or will I forever only see all the things I didn't get done and need doing?  That's no way to live.  Oh I can feel myself working up to a big old slump.  If I ca…

How Summer Should Be

It is hot, hot and more hot.  Last night was a nightmare of trying to sleep when my skin felt like it was on fire.  I kept getting up having drinks of cold water and splashing my body with water trying to cool down.  Zero sleep last night.  I feel like I'm suffocating in the heat.

I know there are places suffering worse heat and even drought.  We had a storm last night with a bit of rain but it didn't cool anything down.  I'm frustrated with my house and the total lack of windows to open to let in any of the cooler night air.  Sleeping with fans on all night dries my nose out so bad that I can't breath and it doesn't seem to cool anything down.We don't have the a/c on at night because it is too noisy and we usually don't need it.

My body betrays me when I try to get anything done.  I feel woozy sick.  I sit and wipe my face with a cool washcloth but it doesn't last.  I drink ice water but it doesn't help.  I'm tired, hot and cranky.  This isn…

Knitting Now

I've been talking about doing it for a long time.  I've thought about it lots.  I know it's easy to do.  But I finally got the things I needed and sat down with YouTube to find out how to knit my own dishcloths.  I also found out I knit weird.  Continental style knitting looks way faster than what I do so I'll be attempting to learn that next.

And since you all love pictures so much here are a couple.

It was so easy and we needed some new dishcloths.  I may just make everyone some for Christmas if my hands hold out.  I kept having to stop and stretch my hands because they would start cramping after knitting for awhile.  This should go away soon though.  Plus if I learn the Continental style of knitting I'll get faster.  Right now I take my entire right hand off the needle to drape the wool over the left needle to knit. I guess I English knit but I don't use my index finger the correct way.  Sometimes the needle slips cause I'm not holding it but I learned t…

Multiplicity of Chores on Lists

I have a list of chores to get done as long as my arm but here I sit messing around on the computer.  I have half a mind to ban myself from the computer until my chores are done.  But then I'd never get to use the computer again because my chores are never done.  As soon as I complete one chore three more pop up that need doing.

I mean really!  It's not like I do nothing all day long so why does it always feel that way?  I start to make a list of things I know I'll get done and then add a few things I hope to get done and then somehow things get added that shouldn't be on that list like renovate the house, fix the garage roof.  You know all the things you "wish" to get done but either don't have the money or the time to do them.

Then my list becomes an insurmountable mountain of tasks that there is no way in hell I'm gonna get done.  Once I recognize this fact the list becomes recycling fodder.  And guess what I do then?  Yup, I start a new list.  LOL…

Raspberry Madness

My husband thinks I've lost my mind and maybe he has a point.  I found myself last night attempting to make bags of frozen raspberries look good sitting on our kitchen table.  The stupid plastic bags kept frosting over so you couldn't see what was in them and I really wanted to take a picture that looked good for you all.  I wanted a picture of my 8 pints of lovely raspberries all frozen.

Dang it how do those food bloggers take such pretty pictures?  Must be all in the editing and I don't have any editing programs to make my pictures all pretty.  You will just have to make do with these.  Since Mama Pea likes pictures of preserved things here it is.  Voila!

Next it's blueberries.  I'll buy a big case of them and freeze them.  I buy the organic ones and even though it seems expensive I figured out that it's less expensive than buying them frozen.  Plus we eat some fresh for a few days too.

I don't have one of those vacuum seal machines but I try to get as mu…

Cats and Carpets

My daughter's cat is driving me nuts.  He's puking up his food all over my house.  Now at first we figured just fur balls and not to worry.  By about the 2 zillionth time I'm so over trying to get bright mustard yellow cat vomit (the food turns a nasty color it's not bile) off my light green carpet.  We do have floors in the rest of the house so if he would just stay off my carpet!!

I'm not sure what to do with him.  I don't want to take him to the vet and spend all my money because that will mean I have no money for school clothes and supplies.  He doesn't seem sick.  We thought maybe he was gobbling his dry food too fast and when it expanded his stomach couldn't hold it so up it came.  That doesn't seem to be the case because we've limited the amount of food he can eat.  He seems to get sick shortly after eating but not every time he eats.

I'd keep him inside and monitor him closely but he would claw his way outside.  So he still is going …