Raspberry Madness

My husband thinks I've lost my mind and maybe he has a point.  I found myself last night attempting to make bags of frozen raspberries look good sitting on our kitchen table.  The stupid plastic bags kept frosting over so you couldn't see what was in them and I really wanted to take a picture that looked good for you all.  I wanted a picture of my 8 pints of lovely raspberries all frozen.

Dang it how do those food bloggers take such pretty pictures?  Must be all in the editing and I don't have any editing programs to make my pictures all pretty.  You will just have to make do with these.  Since Mama Pea likes pictures of preserved things here it is.  Voila!

I froze them first on a tray.

Here are three big bags of my frozen raspberries.

Next it's blueberries.  I'll buy a big case of them and freeze them.  I buy the organic ones and even though it seems expensive I figured out that it's less expensive than buying them frozen.  Plus we eat some fresh for a few days too.

I don't have one of those vacuum seal machines but I try to get as much air out of the bags as possible.  There will be some ice crystals but since they are frozen raspberries no one is gonna notice.

I also didn't wash them before freezing them.  This was on the advice of my mom.  She takes them out and rinses them while frozen.  That way they defrost a bit and get washed.  How does everyone else freeze their fresh berries?  Do you wash them first and then freeze or freeze unwashed?


Mama Pea said…
The color of your raspberries is gorgeous. I think that's one of the most attractive things about them. Anything that vibrant of a color has got to taste good!

I don't wash my raspberries at all. But since they are grown in my garden and I try really hard to be a "clean" picker, I don't worry about it. When I spread the ones I'm going to freeze out on the cookie sheet, I'll sometimes see a little bug or leaf or stem that I can remove.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I picked out all the stuff and got rid of a couple of nasty looking raspberries before freezing them. Hopefully the freezing itself will kill off any bacteria on them and I'll give them a quick rinse before I use them.
Erin said…
You did great, don't wash them first as they will get mushy and the cells will burst in the berries as all that water that seeped in freezes, just freeze them unwashed on sheets like you did! On photos, I take the pics before the bags go into the freezer, and get down at eye level with the veggies, that gives an interesting perspective, and get up close so there isn't a lot of background around your stuff, good job on the berries!

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