Milestone Birthdays

My birthday is in late September.  I'll be 49 which led me to start thinking about turning 50 in a little over a year.  I would love to do something fun, something different, something amazing mostly.  My husband turns 50 next March so we could do a joint thing together.

The trouble with that is what would he like to do that I'd also like to do.  We could take a trip together but how to save enough money.  We could have a family bash and really do things up which would be fun but you know we kind of do that already, just a little less done up.

I'm still dreaming of that cabin on the lake.  I'd love to go to a lake cabin for about a week and just enjoy life with a canoe and some good hiking boots.  But if I want to do this I need to plan to save enough money and get myself in shape.  I'm horribly out of shape, now that's not right, I've got entirely too much shape.  I need less shape and more muscles.

I should talk to the husband to see what he thinks.  He may have some other ideas that would be great.  He can actually be a fantastic guy if he's not being an idiot.  LOL!

What do other people do to celebrate special birthdays or events?  Most of the people I know take trips out of the country but we can't afford that.  Some others have big bashes at their homes and invite all their family and friends but our house is so small that wouldn't work well at all.  Everyone would be standing around crowded together in every available space wondering if it was too early to leave yet.

I thought about going to Victoria on Vancouver Island.  We got married there.  What we would do there other than shop I'm not sure.  We could wander around and see the sights but we've already lived there and seen most of them so it wouldn't be anything new and I want to do something new and amazing.  I don't want to jump out of plane or bungee jump kind of amazing though.  Nope that's not for me.  I'm not afraid to do it I just don't have any interest in danger for fun type of activities.  If that's your cup of tea fine but I'll just keep my feet firmly planted on the earth, thank you very much.

I want a story to tell my grand kids (if I have any).  Or at least to tell my friends and family.  I want to say "On my 50th birthday I did this or that and we had so much fun."  I want to have a story to tell that I'll never forget and not in a bad way.  So I've got a year to go and some months to decide and start the planning and saving.  I just need a plan and a direction.

First up is talking to the husband to see if he wants to share in our 50th birthday celebrations.  I could be all for nothing if he's not up for it.  Wish me luck and tell me about one of your milestone birthdays or another special event in your life.  Write about it on your blog and I'll see it.


Erin said…
We actually don't do anything for our birthdays, and usually don't even remember them until they've passed LOL, I guess we are pretty boring!
Sparkless said…
Erin but you all do lots of other activities together so it makes up for it. We rarely go out and don't socialize much so any chance for a party we'll take.

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