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I Hate Summer

I think I'm the only person I know that hates summer. But I do, I really do! Now I live in Canada so one would think it's cold here but don't let assumptions fool you, its really hot where I live. For the last three weeks we've had temperatures around 35-40C and the last several days it's gone as high as 46C! I think I live in the hottest place in Canada but no one will ever know it cause we don't have a weather station in our small town. It's a well kept secret but then who would want to live in the hottest place in Canada anyway and that's not considering the smelter that's already here and polluting. So we have pollution and extreme heat. The only good thing is we don't have high humidity or we'd all die.

In light of the extreme heat we have two window air conditioners. One in the kitchen window and another larger one upstairs. Great so we can keep cool. It sounds great in theory but in reality it's not so great. Window air…

Almost There!

My kids just got back from camp and they are dirty, tired and happy. Now they have till next Friday before they are off again for another week of camping with my parents. Then it's only a few days until they are back to school!

I hear alot of other parents who aren't excited about the kids going back to school mainly because those parents work. They like the lazy mornings and evenings of summer where for a stay at home mom having the kids home all day means more work and chaos. Anyone who has spent more than a week at home alone with their kids know that this is one of the most difficult jobs there is. It's wonderful too but challenging to say the least.

Me I'm living for the day they are back in school. I'm just a bit tired of having a house full of kids and their friends. Why do they always have to play here? We have the smallest house.

And for those of you who have never owned a black keyboard don't. I have this black one and I can never see the lett…