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So there you have you pictures, not very professional looking or clear but I'm a terrible photographer so you get what you get.

Ten Quarts of Dills

I bought 25lbs of pickling cucumbers and went to my mom's today.  I wanted her to show me how to make dill pickles.  Well it was easy.  My dad used about 7lbs and made Bread and Butter Pickles, 8 jars.  My mom and I managed to make 18 quarts of dills.  I took 10 jars and my mom had 8 and they have all the Bread and Butter Pickles too.  I'll get to eat those when I visit.

She also gave me a couple of jars of canned salmon, some cheese and some coffee she didn't like.  My husband will bring the coffee to work with him.  So it was a long day of standing on my feet which I'm not used to and my dogs are tired.

I was going to take all these pictures and then totally forgot and only took a couple of some of the jars when they were done.  They are on my phone though and I need my husband to show me how to get them off the phone and on the computer.  iTunes, need I say anymore?  The husband is at work so I'll wait till he gets home.  I'm sure you are all chomping at the…

You're Back!

My list of blogs is back, thank goodness.  I don't know what I'd do without you all.

Reading List is Missing

I'm not sure what is up with Blogger but my entire list of blogs I read is gone.  Usually when this happens it comes back in an hour or so but this has been all day and I'm getting rather upset.  Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

I've checked blogger to see if it's an issue they are working on but there isn't anything about it.

I miss you all!

Flooding and Earwigs

I know I haven't posting anything in way too long.  The weather has kept us all hopping here.  With several landslides in BC and flooding and road washouts it's a weather bonanza!  Unfortunately there was even a wind storm that went through a ways from here that killed an 11 year old boy at a bible camp.  I know many of the kids that go to this camp and my kids went to this camp one year.  The wind storm snapped trees off half way up and they crashed down onto cabins and other buildings.  Many of the kids were traumatized.  So sad but there isn't anything the camp could have done as the trees were all healthy and the wind storm was just one of those freak things that happen some time.

Our mighty Columbia River is near record levels.  The beach is under water and people are being advised to stay away from the water.  One guy even managed to fall in but he was pulled out before  by the rescue boat before he could drown.

The river is high because the dams have had to let out…


I feel like I'm roasting.  For the last week we have had temps up to 40C (104F).  Tonight at 8pm it was still 30C (86F) outside!  It's not cooling down much at night either.  This means I don't sleep well.  I wake up feeling like I'm being smothered.  Then I get up and go splash some cold water on my face and arms.  I get a cold drink of water and try to go back to sleep.  This happens several times at night.  No, it's not hot flashes, it's the heat. 

The only time I feel cool is after my cool shower.  I keep turning the water temp down on my shower until it's almost frosty but it feels so good!  I know I'll get used to the heat in a few weeks, I better because it doesn't look like we are going to be getting any cool weather soon.  The predictions for this summer is hotter and dryer than normal.  Can't we have a cooler than normal summer but without the rain?  Naw, that would mean you could go outside and enjoy life.  Who would want that?

So if …

Of Mice and Plastic Bowls

It has been beautiful and sunny the past few days and the evenings are still cool enough to enjoy.  So it was dusk or a bit past and I decided to sit outside and enjoy the evening.  The cats were outside sitting near the table and chairs.

I sat down and was happily enjoying myself when I noticed something small moving around on the cement patio.  Guess what it was.  Ya, it was a small mouse.  The one cat had caught it and was sharing it with the old orange cat.  They sat near the mouse looking slightly bored but if the mouse took off and tried to get away one or the other of the cats would whack it a few times and play with it.  The mouse was better off to stay still and play dead.

I could no longer enjoy the evening while the cats tortured a poor mouse to death right at my feet!  But what to do?  I thought about dispatching said mouse with a shovel but I've had hamsters as pets and just can't seem to kill small furry animals no matter how much I don't want them in my yard…


My daughter's cat is turning into a mighty mouse killer.  So far this year he's killed two white mice and today he graced us with a fat black mouse.  I've had cats pretty much all my life so nothing they do disturbs me too much but the husband said something tonight that did.  He said our next door neighbour guy told him that they had mice in their house.  We have never had a mouse in our house at least not that we know of.  There is no evidence of them so I'm going to assume they aren't in our house.

What disturbs me is that these people live only a few feet away from our house have mice and those mice are now coming out of their house and our cat is catching them.  These mice could just as easily make their way into our house.  I'd try to seal up all the areas they could get in but honestly I doubt I could make the house mouse proof.  There are just too many places I could never seal up like where the dryer vent is, it's almost right on the ground.  Who w…