Flooding and Earwigs

I know I haven't posting anything in way too long.  The weather has kept us all hopping here.  With several landslides in BC and flooding and road washouts it's a weather bonanza!  Unfortunately there was even a wind storm that went through a ways from here that killed an 11 year old boy at a bible camp.  I know many of the kids that go to this camp and my kids went to this camp one year.  The wind storm snapped trees off half way up and they crashed down onto cabins and other buildings.  Many of the kids were traumatized.  So sad but there isn't anything the camp could have done as the trees were all healthy and the wind storm was just one of those freak things that happen some time.

Our mighty Columbia River is near record levels.  The beach is under water and people are being advised to stay away from the water.  One guy even managed to fall in but he was pulled out before  by the rescue boat before he could drown.

The river is high because the dams have had to let out more water.  This has led to some flooding in a couple of low lying areas.  But at least it's not the kind of flooding that would wipe out towns before the dams were built.  Now at least we are warned before the dam lets out water.

It's amazing to see large trees along the banks of the river almost submerged.  So the weather this year has been record breaking in so many ways.  It's even cooled down again and I have so enjoyed the cool weather.  I know it won't stay like this but at least it's not 40C and I can sleep at night.

I hurt my hip squatting down to scrub some cat vomit off the carpet today?  Why do they always have to do it on the carpet?  We have plenty of floors with no carpet but they always run to the carpet to hork up their fur balls or food.  ACK!  You should see me dash about when the cats start that gagging sound.  It's a race to see if I can get them off the carpet in time.  The reward if I'm successful is worth the mad dash. 

The husband joked the he'd never seen me move so fast before.  So later he made a gagging sound so I'd jump up and run around looking for the cats while he and the kids chuckled at my expense.  Grrr!

So now I'm hobbling around like an old woman who needs a hip replacement.  I took a bunch of herbal things to help with any swelling and speed healing.  I've iced it and rested and walked a bit so it won't get too stiff.  I just hope I can walk tomorrow.  I've never had my hip feel this bad before so hopefully I haven't done it any permanent damage.  Only time will tell.

If I can walk tomorrow I am going down to take some picture of the river and I'll try to take some pictures of our pitiful garden.  I've pretty much given up on it this year.  The husband keeps watering it though and has hopes for a couple of fresh tomatoes.  He's pretty much the only one here who will eat a fresh tomato.  I can't eat them fresh but cook them and they are fine.  The kids are the same although the son will add a slice of fresh tomato to his hamburger now and then.

I just wanted to get a post in tonight to tell you all I'm still here just not too energetic.  I've been glued to the local news lately listening for the latest weather reports and river updates.

I had a bit of a shock today.  I was in the shower and was rubbing the soap on myself with my hand.  I noticed something and thought it was some fluff or string.  I wasn't wearing my contact lenses so couldn't really see well.  I brought my hand up to my face to see an earwig!!!!  I was scrubbing myself with an earwig!!  Earwigs are one of the only bugs that freak me out.  I would have screamed if I wasn't so shocked to see the thing on my hand.  I flicked it off only to be worried about where it went because I couldn't see well.  So I had to stop my shower in mid-lather to find and destroy the earwig before I could finish up.  And then after wards I scrubbed the entire tub looking for anymore earwigs lurking.  The only way I can figure it got on me was when I picked up the body wash bottle it must have been underneath it.  I wouldn't have noticed because I wasn't wearing my contacts.  I just may start wearing my contacts in the shower.  Do you think it's too late to scream now?  {{{shudder}}}


Mama Pea said…
I've found earwigs in our shower too. Usually after I'm in there and lathered up like you. They are one bug that affects me almost as badly as worms do. Don't know why . . . maybe it's because they move like a worm. Go ahead and scream . . . I'll join you just thinking about those ugly-buglies!

Good to see a post from you. Hoping your weather stabilizes. And that your HIP does, too!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. The bugs are just loving me this year. Between scrubbing my self with an earwig and having a black widow on my arm I'm beginning to think I've got some type of nasty bug attraction going on.
It's those long nasty pincers on their back ends that give me the creeps.
Erin said…
ohmigosh I hate earwigs too, eeek! I hope the weather evens out, that's horrible stuff!
Sparkless said…
Earwigs are the one bug that make me squeamish. Well other than black widow spiders that is. Something about those big pinchers on their rear ends that icks me out. Ohhh I'm shuddering just thinking about them!!

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