Of Mice and Plastic Bowls

It has been beautiful and sunny the past few days and the evenings are still cool enough to enjoy.  So it was dusk or a bit past and I decided to sit outside and enjoy the evening.  The cats were outside sitting near the table and chairs.

I sat down and was happily enjoying myself when I noticed something small moving around on the cement patio.  Guess what it was.  Ya, it was a small mouse.  The one cat had caught it and was sharing it with the old orange cat.  They sat near the mouse looking slightly bored but if the mouse took off and tried to get away one or the other of the cats would whack it a few times and play with it.  The mouse was better off to stay still and play dead.

I could no longer enjoy the evening while the cats tortured a poor mouse to death right at my feet!  But what to do?  I thought about dispatching said mouse with a shovel but I've had hamsters as pets and just can't seem to kill small furry animals no matter how much I don't want them in my yard or house.  

So I went inside to get a plastic baby bowl that we don't use anymore.  Then I attempted to get the small mouse into the bowl so I could toss him into the neighbours yard.  This would hopefully give him enough time to escape.  Of course the mouse would not cooperate and kept running for my feet.  I could imagine that little mouse running up my pant leg or me trying to get away from it and accidentally stepping on him.  Not the outcome I was going for at all but I did finally get the little bugger into the bowl and quickly tossed him onto the neighbours grass.  I just hope no one saw the insane lady with a stick and bowl doing a dance and then tossing something into the neighbours yard!  I was thinking the grass would soften his fall and doing it swiftly enough the cats wouldn't notice I'd taken away their play thing.  Plus it was dark and even if cats can see well in the dark I can't and I was hoping I wouldn't have to see that mouse again.

The young cat who caught the mouse noticed his mouse was missing and started sniffing around.   The fat old cat just lay down.  I went inside for something and came back out an hour or so later only to find the mouse now dead on the patio.  At least I didn't have to watch him being tortured now.  I did try to give him a chance to escape and I'm only sorry he didn't, well kinda.  Actually I just wish the dang cat would kill those mice quickly so I don't have to view their torture.

Ah, the pleasures of owning cats never ends.


Erin said…
Bahahaha, the visual I'm getting of you trying to save that mouse is priceless! By the way, I love the new look on the blog!
Mama Pea said…
I'm joining Erin in the visualization of you skittering around half bent over trying to talk the mouse into the bowl! (We're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you! You are laughing, aren't you?)

Lordy, lordy, in the next to the last paragraph of your post when you said, "I did try to give him a chance to escape . . . ", for a split second there I thought you were going to say, "I did try to give him CPR." Oh gosh, funny post!
Sparkless said…
Erin, thanks. It's a template that comes with Blogger. I have no idea how to do anything else but someday I'll learn. I can only imagine if someone was watching me fling that little mouse into the neighbours yard and what they must have though I was trying to do! LOL!

Mama Pea, when I was a kid I used to just pick the mice up in my hands when the cat brought them home alive. Oh and the snakes and birds too. I drew the line at half dead squirrels and bats though. Only had one rat brought home and that was when we lived in Victoria. That's another funny story.

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