Here are my jars of dill pickles.

See how tiny our pumpkin plants are.  My husband planted them way too close together.

Spindly tomato plants on the right and some cucumber on the left.

The carrots look good.

Wild lavender!  I need to trim it to get a second bloom from it.

Here's a pic of our backyard early this spring.
So there you have you pictures, not very professional looking or clear but I'm a terrible photographer so you get what you get.


Mama Pea said…
I think your garden looks really good! What a neat and tidy back yard. Thanks for the pics! (Jars of pickles are lovely.)
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea, it's a small back yard. Our entire property is only 50x100' and the house and garage takes a big portion of that.
Erin said…
Yay, pictures! I too love your yard and how you are fitting several planting areas in there, we have lots of people here with smaller, narrow yards and they say they can't do anything with them - you are proving them wrong :)
Sparkless said…
Erin, most of the gardens are full of weeds. It just looks neat. I'm the master of making thinks look better than they really are.

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