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Happy New Year 2015!

Well here it is still 2014 around 6pm.  We have no plans for New Years Eve.  We haven't gone out on New Years for years, well at least 18 or more years since we had children.  I don't mind.  What I do miss is having cable tv so I could watch the ball drop in NY Times Square or some of the other New Years programs.  When you watch the live events on tv it's like you are celebrating with all those people.  Now it feels kind of lonely cause we just watch a prerecorded one from the internet.  It's just not the same somehow.

I usually do a year in review to see what I've accomplished.  Usually there are many more things that I remember and it helps to remember all the big and small events.  In the past most of these events centered around the kids and their accomplishments.   It still does to some degree but is moving away from them and back onto the husband and I.

Big events for last year for the son was he went to therapy, graduated from high school, got his first job…

Disaster Averted

The husband did not buy anything he needs to put together.  He finally told me the bolts were for the toilet because one of the bolts broke or something like that.  He bought the wrong size of course and had to go back and get the right size.  I swear this man wastes more money buying everything twice than any human I have ever met.

Christmas was good here.  Kids were content although the son was a bit of a pain.  Christmas day I was so tired and it seemed so was everyone else.  We went back to my parents house on Boxing Day to eat up the leftovers and everyone seemed much perkier so it wasn't just us exhausted on Christmas.

I did get to hold my nephew's new baby.  He was the best baby ever!  He didn't cry once all night and was very alert for a one week old baby.  The parents are both in their early twenties and said they were tired but they both looked good and were in good spirits.  We were all offering up our babysitting services.  I think I trump them all because I on…

Cookies, Recycling and Same Old Stuff

Cookies decorated, check.  The icing wasn't the right consistency and we didn't have tips for the bags so it was awkward trying to pipe the icing onto the cookies but they'll taste fine even if they look like some 5 year olds decorated them.

As I was going through all my Christmas plates and tins I found we had an overabundance of them.  It seems every year someone or other gives us some kind of Christmas plate or bowl.  Beautiful though they may be we have no use for them.  We literally have no space to put a bowl of candy out let alone a plate of cookies.  I find it amusing when the husband wants to set something down and can't find anywhere other than the ground.  He mumbles and grumbles and then I remind him that our house is too small and we need to move to a place that suits our needs more.  He shuts his mouth pretty fast then.

Instead of buying all those reusable plastic containers to give treats to family members we used all those plates, bowls and tins.  I was…

Seasons Greetings

Or Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate.  Personally I don't care what people say to me, I'm just happy someone was nice enough to wish me well.  So Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, it's all good.

Still no snow.  We had a bit a few days ago but it turned to rain and all the snow is pretty much gone now.  Looks to be a green Christmas for us this year although I do see in the forecast it says snow/rain on the 23rd and 24th so we can always hope it's snow.

Without snow I'm finding it hard to get into my Christmas spirit.  It doesn't really feel like Christmas time when there is no snow.  We used to go sledding around Christmas and walk outside in the snow.  My favorite thing to do was to be all cozy in the house with hot chocolate and a good book while it snowed heavily outside.  Now it's just damp and cold and rainy. 

My nephew and his girlfriend had their baby this morning.  They named him Roman.  The mom is from a very Italian family so that's where…

Where is the Snow?

We've only had snow a few times this winter.  Now we pretty well have none and it's warm out there.  We are having rainy warm days and I want some snow.  In our long term forecast it's not even going to get below freezing all week.  Ya, I live in Canada people and we don't get much snow.  I don't live on the West coast either I live in the Southern Interior of British Columbia very close to the US border.

I'm trying to stay positive tonight but things are just taking a chunk out of me lately.  My second mom is not doing well and they have stopped chemo because it isn't helping anymore.  Her Dr figures she has about 3 months left.  Can you imagine losing your brother and then within a year and a half losing your mother too?  I can't either and every time I think about it I start crying.

Good news for this family is my friend's daughter is pregnant.  It was an accident and she didn't figure out she was pregnant until she was 22 weeks along.   She …

I Thought We Had It Figured Out

The asthmatic cat is doing well.  He hasn't had a coughing fit and is taking his pill every day.  We dissolve the pill in some warm water and then mix it into a small amount of canned cat food.  Then we have to stand around making sure he eats it so the other cat doesn't get it.

We've been letting the kitty outside a bit in the daytime but he gets really nasty at night when we won't let him outside.  The cats have been fussing at each other more than usual.  The old orange kitty usually sleeps most of the day in my bedroom.  When she comes out the other cat won't leave her alone and constantly is at her.  She goes ballistic hissing and growling at him.  It sounds like they are killing each other.  We always break up the fights by redirecting or removing one of the cats.

Tonight they really went at it and the daughter's cat even chased the old kitty into our bedroom and scratched her tail really badly.  It bled a ton all over the floor and bed.  I was surprised …


I think after over $366 and two vet visits the kitty is feeling better.  I don't think he will ever be 100% but he's feeling frisky and wants to go outside and play.  We've been letting him outside for a little bit in the afternoon when we can go out and kind of be there for him.  He gets to stay out there for about 30 minutes or so and then we make him come back in.  There haven't been any problems doing this so far.

We are giving him one steroid pill a day and are down to one Ventolin breathing treatment a day.  So far he's been okay so hopefully we can take him off the breathing treatment and he will just need the one pill a day.  He's a pain to give a pill to but I dissolved it in a bit of warm water and squirted it into his mouth while the husband held him firmly wrapped in a towel.  Then I quickly did his breathing treatment so he only has one stress a day.  He did get pretty upset and had a brief gagging.coughing episode after but was fine.  Stress can b…

Sick Kitty

The daughter's cat has been retching without actually vomiting anything up for awhile.  He only does it once in awhile so we just thought he was throwing up fur balls or was just retching on them.  Then the other night I found him sitting in an odd place and he didn't look right.  You know how you can just look at your kids or pets and you know something isn't right?

The daughter and I managed to coax him out of his spot and have him lay down on his favorite blanket.  We could see he was having trouble breathing.  He wasn't panting just his sides were moving too much and his diaphragm was moving up and down too much.  Of course this happens at night when there are no Vet clinics open.

So I pretty much stayed up all night keeping an eye on him until we could get him to a vet on Thursday.  The vet we go to isn't open on Thursday but I called it anyway and the vet answered.  He said it sounded like the cat would need an ex-ray and his machine wasn't working so I w…

I Think I Made My Point

My husband is our family's cook.  He does most of the cooking and for the most part cooks from scratch.  He makes pizza from scratch, pancakes, muffins, cookies, spaghetti and pretty much everything.  Even with all that he's not a frugal cook.  He thinks that buying cheap ingredients saves money.  He also hasn't figured out that above the stove is not the best place to store your herbs especially since we have no fan. 

He's also very unorganized.  All the cupboards are a jumble of things put away with no reason or thought.  He loses things and has to go buy more because he doesn't want to spend hours looking for it.  I've left him do this for years because sometimes you hope that person will figure it out themselves eventually.  I'm losing hope for that ever happening.

A couple of weeks ago we pulled an organic chicken out of the freezer to eat.  It was delicious and I asked that we make some soup with the leftovers.  I asked that we keep the bones so I cou…

Go Away Cancer!!!!!!!!!

I want a cure for cancer, right now!  So many people are getting cancer now I'm beginning to wonder if the cancer rate isn't more like 50%.  I have some not so good news.  My dad was just diagnosed with stage 2 skin cancer.  He had a spot on his back for a few years and my mom and sister had been telling him to see a Dr. about it but my dad is a bit of a fool when it comes to Dr's.  He doesn't want to see a Dr. for anything.

He left that spot on his back, which by the way was a bit bigger than the size of a quarter, for well over a year.  So now they know it's stage 2 cancer.  They have to do scans, and some more surgery.  My mom did not go to the Dr with my dad so isn't too sure about what they are going to do.  On a young healthy person this may not be too serious but on a 76 year old man who has CPOD from allergies and working at a smelter breathing in all sorts of crap over the years treatment and healing is more difficult.

My sister and I have told my mom …


I have 8 unfinished posts in my saved files.  Yup, 8 times I started to write a post and then abandoned it.  I usually come back later to read what I was on about and don't like how it was written or can't quite pick up the thread of thought so I start a whole new post.  I'm attempting it again right now.  I wonder if I'll make it to the end of this post and actually hit the publish button.  Only time will tell.

I do have a picture for you of our bear.  I've seen him about 10 times on our security camera but by the time I grab the camera and run to the door he's off down the street and it's too dark outside to catch a picture of him.  The best I can do is take a picture of him from the security camera display.  He's not a very big bear and it always surprises me and takes a few minutes to figure out it's a bear I'm seeing.  He's just strolling down the street in front of our car.  I haven't seen him for the last two nights so I hope he&#…

Sad and Happy News

We have a black bear that I've seen on the security camera about 4 times.  Each time he's just walking down the middle of the road or on the sidewalk without a care in the world.  I ran outside trying to get a picture of him one time but he had ambled too far down the sidewalk and it was too dark.  I watch for him every night.  I really hope he gets up into the mountains before someone complains about him and they the authorities shoot him.  No funding from our crappy government to relocate bears anymore they just shoot them.  He looks to be a young black bear and I really enjoy seeing him so I hope he makes it.

Tonight I saw two big raccoons cross the road and it looked like they were going to go under our fence and into our yard until they spied me looking out the widow at them.  They thought better of it and went farther down the street where I couldn't see them.  Stupid cat wants to go outside so I hope he stays away from those raccoons.  The cat was sitting on the win…

Dare I?

I just gave my expensive Canon Rebel camera to my daughter to use for her photography class.  I have my fingers crossed that she won't break it or it be stolen.  There were cameras in the class that the kids could borrow but she kept telling me there wasn't very many and you had to share one camera with five people.  She also said that several of the kids brought cameras to use so I figured why not.  It's not like I'm using the thing much.  It's better someone get some use out of it before it's totally obsolete.

I did have to buy her a smaller bag to carry the camera in because the one I use is quite large.   My daughter is a bit of a klutz and that worries me.  I know she will feel horrible if she breaks the camera or it is stolen from her locker.  I just hope we don't have to go down that path.

The weather has been fantastic here.  I couldn't ask for better fall weather.  It's been mostly sunny and warm.  I really should get out and take some pict…


Do you want to hear about my birthday last week?  It wasn't horrendous but it wasn't at all close to my plan.  It started out with me getting up early like earlier than I want to get up on my birthday at 7am.  I had to quickly shower and get out of the way so the kids could get in there and then get off to school.  When they left the husband got in the shower.  I had to move a bunch of things out of my living room or my mother-in-law would rifle through them and they are none of her business so I just put them away.  These are things like private mail, books etc.  I once saw her looking through my address book.  Not like there's anything in there shocking but I would never pick up someone elses private things and thumb through them. 

Anyway they arrived almost at 9:30am even though they had said they would be here at 9am.  So the husband and I wasted a half hour sitting around waiting for them.  They came and mother-in-law (now will be referred to as MIL) had made a small …

Best Laid Plans and All That Stuff

My birthday is next Tuesday.  I always plan my own birthday because no one else will.  I wanted to order some cupcakes from this lady who makes awesome ones.  We ordered from her for the son's graduation and we know they are yummy and I've been obsessed with them ever since.  But alas she had too many weddings and she either couldn't supply them or we could pick them up tomorrow.  She says they freeze well but I don't want thawed cupcakes.  I want yummy fresh ones.

So I figured we'd just invite everyone over Friday night instead of Tuesday.  The wheels came to a screeching halt when I found out my aunt and cousin were stopping at my parents house Friday and Saturday night.  My house is entirely too small and uncomfortable to invite them plus all my family over.  My aunt is not in the best health and her daughter, my cousin, is traveling with her to Vancouver so she can visit her brother.  We literally have 5 places to sit in our living room.  When I invite my famil…

My Brain is Mush

Apparently my brain has turned to mush.  Every decision I make I end up changing or have to change because it was the wrong thing to do.  Take today for example, I made an appointment for the son to see his therapist.  When I told the son about it he said I should have made it for a different day and when I thought about it he was right.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, actually, I must not have been thinking at all.  I just can't seem to get my thoughts together anymore.

This leads me to be indecisive because I'm afraid of making the wrong choice.  I already have to change an appointment I made for myself because it's right near my birthday and the husband is off so maybe we'll go and do something fun if I can get his butt off the couch to go.  I should have figured not to make an appointment a day away from my birthday.

So tomorrow I have to phone and do some rescheduling.  I wonder what else I'll have to do more than one time?  I'm finding myself stand…

This and That

Still no word from the husband's Dr. about a follow-up appointment.  The daughter has missed the first week of school due to our teacher's strike.  The government has published lies and has now dismissed binding arbitration.  The teachers are willing to have the strike settled by binding arbitration but the government is not.  That tells you who is the real problem.  I am getter very angry over this whole situation.  Kids have a right to an education and our government is not allowing our kids to get an education and then they are blaming the teachers.  UG!

The son has finished his first week of college.  He only has three classes but that is considered full time so hopefully he'll do okay.  The college is quite a distance from where we live in another town.  It takes an hour for a bus to get there and about 30 minutes if you drive.  Unfortunately for him he didn't learn to drive yet so can't take our car.  Fortunately for him he has a friend going out who can driv…

Too Much Togetherness

I love my kids, I really do but I am ready for them both to go to school.  Our house is just too small for more than two people for any length of time.  At least one of them is going back to school on Tuesday so hopefully that will ease the stress.  But then the husband is off Tue and Wed and most of Thur so just as you get rid of one person another one comes back.

The husband had the ultrasound on his neck last Thur and we are even more confused.  The tech said that he thought his lymph nodes could be normal size for a guy his size.  What we are taking from that is that there was no change in the size so as far as the Dr. is concerned they are still enlarged.  We have to wait for the Dr's office to phone to make a follow-up appointment and that could take a month or so.  I really hope it's not cancer because all this waiting to find that out when he could have been getting treatment is really going to piss me off.  I'm going to choose to think it will most likely nothing …

Something New

This morning when I went out to my car this is what I saw.

Isn't that lovely?  Some person dropped their needle.  This is a first for here.  But if we continue to have this kind of stuff happen I will be phoning the police a lot.  I don't care if a crime hasn't been committed or not I'm sick of living near a drug dealer.  He has to go!  I have no idea why his mom lets him live with her.  He and the people he associates with have stolen from her and done other horrible things. 

This was never a drug area, it was always a pretty quite residential neighbourhood.  Now we have people peeing on the sidewalks, breaking into cars and needles left on the ground.  Oh and I forgot to tell you about the time the husband found a broken mug and some birth control pills on the sidewalk.

I don't feel safe anymore.  Druggies will do just about anything to get money for their drugs and when they are always coming over to the drug dealers house to get their drugs our house is too clos…

Security Camera Just Paid For Itself

I can't believe what just happened.  I was having trouble sleeping so got up and went on the computer.  I clicked the security camera monitor on.  The camera has sound on it to so you can hear stuff outside.  It was just around 2am and I heard a bunch of guys outside.  Now this isn't anything out of the ordinary so I just glanced at the monitor.

There were about 5 guys outside near our car.  We have to park on the street with the drivers side on the street side, if that makes any sense.  They all walked down the street and out of my view but one guy went around the drivers side of our car where I couldn't see what he was doing.  I figured he was probably taking a pee like we've seen so many other nasty people do out there.  Then suddenly I see the inside light go on in the car!

I'm freaking out and run to the window but figure that won't get his attention so I open the front door and yell at him to get out of the car a couple of times.  He gets out and runs dow…