Something New

This morning when I went out to my car this is what I saw.

Photo: Look what we found by our car today.  This is a first and I hope never to be repeated.Isn't that lovely?  Some person dropped their needle.  This is a first for here.  But if we continue to have this kind of stuff happen I will be phoning the police a lot.  I don't care if a crime hasn't been committed or not I'm sick of living near a drug dealer.  He has to go!  I have no idea why his mom lets him live with her.  He and the people he associates with have stolen from her and done other horrible things. 

This was never a drug area, it was always a pretty quite residential neighbourhood.  Now we have people peeing on the sidewalks, breaking into cars and needles left on the ground.  Oh and I forgot to tell you about the time the husband found a broken mug and some birth control pills on the sidewalk.

I don't feel safe anymore.  Druggies will do just about anything to get money for their drugs and when they are always coming over to the drug dealers house to get their drugs our house is too close to them.  They don't do their deals at their house either.  The drug dealer walks down the block past our house and gets in cars and walks away from where he lives to do his deals.  I just wish they would stay away from my house and property.

The son is working lots, full time at his job but starts college Sept 2nd.  Hopefully he will enjoy it and do well.  I'm not sure if he will be able to continue part-time at the job he's doing now.  He can only work Thur and Sat and the business is closed Sunday.

The daughter is waiting to hear if they will go back to school or not.  Our teachers are still on strike.  They went out on strike last June.  They did one day a week walk-outs but the kids were pretty much finished by June anyway so it wasn't a huge deal.  I won't bore you with details of this strike but to say it's because our government is trying to do illegal things.  The teachers federation took the Provincial government to court and twice the courts found the government was in the wrong and fined them 2 million dollars.  The government is trying for a third time to get the court to back them instead of the teachers.  Plus the longer the strike goes on the more money the teachers union has to pay to their members and thus they won't have much money to fight the government in court.  Ya, it doesn't seem right to me either and I am totally disgusted.

So I have one going to college next week and one who should be going into grade 11 sometime soon hopefully.  The husband is having his second ultrasound on his neck tomorrow so we'll see if his lymph glands are still swollen and if they are he will have to have a biopsy on them to see what is causing the swelling.  I'm hoping they are not swollen and we can just forget about the whole thing.  I had thought that his neck may have been feeling tight because he lays on his back in bed before he goes to sleep playing on his iPod and he doesn't prop himself up very high so he has to look down to see what he is doing. 

It seems that just as fast as we get rid of one stressor another one pops up.  I forgot to add that the husband got a cold at work and gave it to the son who has lost his voice and doesn't sound good.  I just hope it's not as bad as it sounds and he can still go to work.  he really needs to work and make as much money as possible for school.  One good thing is the daughter is thrilled that school probably won't be starting next week.  She hates school, not the classes so much as the people and not always having one of her friends in her classes. 

If someone had told me that my shyness and my husband's weirdness would be passed on to our kids I may have thought twice about having any kids because it's worse to watch your kids struggle with shyness than actually being shy yourself.  I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. 

So that's all the exciting things going on here.  I hope you all are having a glorious end of summer and enjoying the last bits of hot weather. 


I lived beside a drug dealer once. Total pain in the ass.
Anonymous said…
The teacher's strike. Don't even get me started on the current madness. All I can say is nobody could pay me enough money to be a teacher. I fully support their actions but I know they will end up getting screwed around and it is the kids that will hurt the most.


We have members of a gang looking at a house that is for sale near us. If they buy it, we will be moving.
Sparkless said…
Debra, yup, total pain in the ass.

Birdie, I so agree that the teachers will probably get screwed by the government and the kids will pay the price. What really burns me is that the government is paying people with kids 12 and under $40 a day while the strike is on but kids over 13 get nothing. I may not need a babysitter but I sure do need a math tutor for my daughter. Stupid government!

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