Security Camera Just Paid For Itself

I can't believe what just happened.  I was having trouble sleeping so got up and went on the computer.  I clicked the security camera monitor on.  The camera has sound on it to so you can hear stuff outside.  It was just around 2am and I heard a bunch of guys outside.  Now this isn't anything out of the ordinary so I just glanced at the monitor.

There were about 5 guys outside near our car.  We have to park on the street with the drivers side on the street side, if that makes any sense.  They all walked down the street and out of my view but one guy went around the drivers side of our car where I couldn't see what he was doing.  I figured he was probably taking a pee like we've seen so many other nasty people do out there.  Then suddenly I see the inside light go on in the car!

I'm freaking out and run to the window but figure that won't get his attention so I open the front door and yell at him to get out of the car a couple of times.  He gets out and runs down the street and I yell at him that I have him on video.  I don't because the husband hasn't figured out how to get the computer to record from the camera.  He needs to email the company because the camera code won't work.  I should have gone out to the sidewalk to see where this guy ran to but I was kind of scared because I knew those other guys were somewhere.  I started to go back inside to get the husband but decided I better go out and make sure the car was locked up and by that time I couldn't see any people down the street.

Anyway, we always lock our car.  It is possible that it wasn't locked but not likely.  I'm pretty militant at locking doors even when we are home I lock the house doors.  That's something I learned when I lived in larger cities but most people here don't bother doing.  We don't have a car alarm but I'm thinking now that we just may have to get one because we have to park on the street.  There is nothing to steal in our car even our stereo system is crap.  The only thing to steal would be the gas out of the tank or the car itself cause there is nothing else in the car other than the insurance and a first aide kit.  We don't have a GPS, good stereo, money, sunglasses or anything in the car mostly because we can't afford any of that stuff and even if we did we park on the street so would make sure to take them out of the car.

Once the guy had run a way down the street I went out to the car and checked it but I was so upset and shocked that I went back in the house and woke the husband up.  He was not happy with being woken up.  I'm not even sure what I was thinking to wake him up cause he isn't the kind of man who makes you feel all secure and warm.  He's mad I woke him up but goes outside and looks at the car and then gets in the car and goes around the block looking for these guys to do what I don't know because my husband wouldn't confront anyone.  He comes back and says he didn't see anyone and he's going back to bed.  It's no big deal to him at all.

I phoned the police to let them know about it but what a bunch of losers they are.  I didn't expect them to rush to my house I just wanted to let them know these guys were out there tonight breaking into cars.  The lady on the line says "If nothing was stolen there is nothing we can do."   I was kind of upset at this point with her attitude and said "I didn't ask you to do anything I was just reporting that this had happened.  I figured the police should be notified but I guess your don't want to know.  In future I won't bother to call when I see a crime!"  Then she gets all nice like she realizes she's done something and may get called out for it.  Why are people such jerks?

I'm in tears and shaken up and the husband just goes back to bed.  Nice guy that he is he doesn't give me a hug or try to comfort me at all he just goes back to bed cause that's the kind of guy he is.  I'm so wired now I'm not going to sleep until I'm so exhausted I can't stay awake.  Oh and by the way the horrible In-Laws are coming over tomorrow, no that's today now.  Father-in-law's crown fell off and he has to come into town to his dentist to get it fixed.  I'm not getting out of bed to see them if they come in.  It sounds like they are just wanting to drop off some cucumbers and leave though.  Nice people don't even stay for a visit because they are too busy.  They aren't busy they are just jerks like their son is.

Speaking of son's my son got a job.  He applied for two jobs earlier in the summer but refused to look anywhere else.  This one job his friend also works there.  It's a party rental place.  They must be busy because they phoned him finally and asked him to come to work.  I don't know if he has scheduled hours or what.  The son won't ask.  I'm going to assume not.  He's mostly cleaned chairs since last Thursday.  He comes home and goes to sleep.  It's not like he works more than 8 hour shifts or anything but he's like a vampire and has his day and night switched around.  He better get things switched back because he has to get on a bus at 6:30am when he goes to college in Sept.

So we take the good with the bad.  Not much has changed with him except he has a job now.  He's still staying in his room.  I'm not sure how to handle him anymore so I'm just going to leave it to his therapist.  He is weaning off the Zoloft he was on because he kept saying it wasn't making any difference.  He said he didn't feel any different on it so his Dr. upped the dose and we gave it 6 months with still no change.  I'd rather he not be on any medication unless his life depends on it especially if it's not helping.  If it were making any difference for him he'd stay on it but it wasn't.

And like I'm not stressed out enough the husband's Dr who did the heart stress test and an ultrasound on his neck called him in for a follow up.  As far as the husband said the Dr. had told him there that everything looked good.  This was over a month ago that he had these tests.  He saw her a few weeks ago to find out he has a swollen lymph gland in his neck.  They want to do another ultrasound in two weeks to check it and if it's still swollen they will do a biopsy to see why it's swollen.  When he told his regular GP about his neck feeling tight and tingly he just felt it and said it's nothing.  He's had this sensation off and on for over a year now and it wasn't nothing!

This GP was also the one who disagreed with both the ER Dr and the Pharmacist about him taking NSAID for his gout.  His GP was going to give him a different one when the ER Dr. and the Pharmacist both thought his heart episode was probably brought on by taking the strong NSAID for gout.  I'm thinking the husband should get a new Dr. because this one is an idiot. 

Anyway the swollen lymph gland may be nothing serious.  The Dr. said it can be caused by a virus, infection in your teeth or mouth.  She asked if he had been to the Dentist recently and the husband has been to the dentist regularly and at least two times since he's had this sensation in his neck.  We had been worried that the neck sensation was connected to the heart thing but it looks like it isn't.

And as I sit here I haven't seen a police car drive by once since we called.  Earlier tonight one had sat down the street for almost a half an hour with the head lights on.  He or she must have been stopped to do some paper work in a quiet location.  I guess catching criminals who break into cars to steal stuff isn't high on their priority list even in a small quiet town.

I'll get to see the sun come up today which I haven't seen in a long time.  I'm rarely up this early and if I am I'm half asleep and wouldn't notice the sun if it hit me in the face.  But tonight I'm hyped on adrenalin.  All I could think of was if he stole our car we wouldn't have a car!  Insurance would pay for our car but our car isn't worth much and it would be hard to find another car for so little money.

Oh and speaking of the car the a/c died in it.  Yup we have no a/c in our car right now.  I insisted that the husband get it fixed and I didn't care how much it cost.  He tells me that summer is almost over and what's the point of getting it fixed now.  Well, we have hot weather all through the fall and just because he's at work all day and rarely drives when it's hot doesn't mean the rest of us don't need it.  Plus your a/c is tied into your heating system so you really want to make sure both are working properly to optimum performance from what I've read.

The car goes in Wed to get fixed.  Cross your fingers, toes, legs, arms and anything else that it's not going to cost a fortune because we are broke right now and will have to pay for it with our line of credit.  Not ideal but having a working car and a/c is necessary when the temps are still getting up to the mid 30'sC in the daytime.

So the stress is adding up.  I've got the following stressors,
1. money, or lack there of
2. husband's health
3. son's mental health
4. living in an area where people break into your car
5. the creepy guy who sits outside his yard smoking and looking towards our house late at night, I don't know why he doesn't sit in his yard or on his porch.  He sits outside on a cement wall on the sidewalk in front of some bushes that are in his yard.  It's creepy to see him sitting there late at night when I can't sleep and he's out there right across the street smoking for over a half hour or more.  Creeps me out!

I'm sure other people have way worse stuff going on in their lives but it's not an contest.  We all have challenges to overcome.  Right now mine are stressing me out.  I know I'll get through them all but some days you just have to do a primal scream and yell at guys breaking into your car.  I'm still amazed I was awake and saw this all happen.  What are the chances that you just happen to be up really late and see someone breaking into your car?  I could write a book about all the weird things I've seen either just looking out the front door or now on the security camera.  Everything from bears strolling by on the street, police chases and shoot outs (that's a story for another time), creepy guys smoking at 3am, guys peeing on the sidewalk to a guy breaking into our car.  And yes there are more things you just wouldn't believe what goes on in a small town, I know I can hardly believe it myself.


Sparkless said…
Sorry for the long incoherent post but if your actually read down to the comments you are amazing and deserve a gold star!
Mama Pea said…
That guy getting into your car would have REALLY freaked me out! Not a great start for your week, that's for sure.

Your son having a job may be the thing that changes his life and outlook a bit. Let's hope he likes it and stays with it.
Birdie said…
Ok, I am nervous for you! You are very brave confronting the guys breaking into your car. I would have peed myself. And your husband. Why are so many men emotionally shut down? My husband goes through phases. Sometimes he is the most supportive person in the worlds and other times I don't even know if he loves me. Sometimes I think if I died today he wouldn't even miss me.
Well, that was a scary incident! When I lived in Winnipeg, I had underground parking and thieves regularly went through all the cars about once every 3 weeks. Especially in the winter -- better working conditions stealing in the warmer parkade than breaking into cars on the street in the cold, LOL! The cops told us just to never leave anything valuable in the car and to leave them unlocked so the thieves wouldn't break the windows to get in. So that's what I did.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, so far the son's job is boring he's told me. He also told me a couple of stories about his boss that don't sound good. Even if he doesn't work there long at least it's a start.

Birdie, all I could think of is if they took or wrecked our car we wouldn't have a car to drive and it would take awhile and some money to get it fixed even with insurance. I wasn't going to let that punk get my car. It wasn't until after he had run down the street and I was going to go out to check the car and lock it that it occurred to me that I may be in some danger going out there. That's why I was a sad sobbing mess, the shock of it. Husbands get worse with age I've found.

Debra, but what if they stole your car? Leaving it unlocked wouldn't the insurance ding you for that? Plus now with the cost of gas so high I didn't want him to be able to get my gas cap open and steal my gas. Glad you never had a problem with leaving your car unlocked. That sounds like an ideal solution.
I guess it was obvious to the cops that the thieves weren't interested in stealing cars, just stealing portable things out of cars that could be quickly pawned or whatever to raise drug money.

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