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Still no word from the husband's Dr. about a follow-up appointment.  The daughter has missed the first week of school due to our teacher's strike.  The government has published lies and has now dismissed binding arbitration.  The teachers are willing to have the strike settled by binding arbitration but the government is not.  That tells you who is the real problem.  I am getter very angry over this whole situation.  Kids have a right to an education and our government is not allowing our kids to get an education and then they are blaming the teachers.  UG!

The son has finished his first week of college.  He only has three classes but that is considered full time so hopefully he'll do okay.  The college is quite a distance from where we live in another town.  It takes an hour for a bus to get there and about 30 minutes if you drive.  Unfortunately for him he didn't learn to drive yet so can't take our car.  Fortunately for him he has a friend going out who can drive him out every morning and home a couple of days.  On the other days he can take a bus home.  he has a bus pass and will give his friend some money for gas.

The weather is beautiful with warm sunny days and cool evenings.  We actually sleep with our covers on now!  I love it when I'm not sweating all night and can cuddle into my bed and blankets.  We've changed the furnace filter, put a few of the fans away.  I can barely wait till we can take the a/c out of the kitchen window so there is more light in the kitchen and I can open the window and let the air in.  I hate having to open the door to get air in the house.  We have screen doors that have a little latch lock but they really aren't good for anything.

It should be a glorious weekend Fall weekend here.  I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend.


I guess the BC govt is banking on people becoming outraged at the teachers once the strike starts to drag on. People should get outraged at the govt instead.
Sparkless said…
Debra, I think pretty much everyone is outraged at the government but they don't give a crap. They just keep trying to break the law and line their own pockets.
Anonymous said…
This cooler weather! Though I don't like the shorter days I am really enjoying the coolness.

The teachers are back. God bless them for doing what they do. They deserve so much better but walk in a calling and settle for so much less.

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