Sick Kitty

The daughter's cat has been retching without actually vomiting anything up for awhile.  He only does it once in awhile so we just thought he was throwing up fur balls or was just retching on them.  Then the other night I found him sitting in an odd place and he didn't look right.  You know how you can just look at your kids or pets and you know something isn't right?

The daughter and I managed to coax him out of his spot and have him lay down on his favorite blanket.  We could see he was having trouble breathing.  He wasn't panting just his sides were moving too much and his diaphragm was moving up and down too much.  Of course this happens at night when there are no Vet clinics open.

So I pretty much stayed up all night keeping an eye on him until we could get him to a vet on Thursday.  The vet we go to isn't open on Thursday but I called it anyway and the vet answered.  He said it sounded like the cat would need an ex-ray and his machine wasn't working so I would have to take him to a different vet.  That means a much longer drive in the car but it's the best I can do.

We got him an appointment at 11am and I took him in.  They listened to his breathing, took his temp, and took an ex-ray.  It seems he has asthma.  She went over a list of possible things that could cause it and most of them don't apply.  We don't smoke, we don't use perfumes or strong smelling cleaners, we don't have a wood burning stove.  The weather has been unusually cold and dry so she figured the cold could have triggered it but that he's had asthma for awhile we just didn't realize it.

So she gave him a shot of antibiotics and something else and did a breathing treatment on him.  That involved shoving his head in a box and holding him there long enough to breath in the spray from the nebulizer.  Not fun cause cats don't like their heads shoved into boxes and will struggle like you are killing them.  We also got a prescription of some type of steroid he has to take every day.

We hoped this would improve his condition but he's continuing to wretch (which is like coughing to get the phlegm our cause you can't breath) and you can see he is having trouble breathing again.  We did manage to get his pills into him by hiding them in some soft canned food.

There isn't any vets open on the weekend except for emergencies so I phone the emergency number and asked if I should be worried or bring him in.  The vet said that unless he was panting and going blue type of thing we need to wait for the medicine to help.  On Monday I am supposed to call her again and let her know how he is.

Oh, and that vet visit was $300 that we can't afford.  I wish I had lots of money so I could just tell the vet to do whatever needs to be done to help this cat but I don't.  I really hope I'm not going to be put in a position where I have to put him down just because I can't afford treatment for him.   Seeing him suffer and struggle to breath is heartbreaking and knowing we can't afford much more treatment for him makes me so sad.

I love my pets and would do anything for them.  Knowing that I can't help him makes me never want another pet.  It just sucks so badly to have so little money.  You can't afford a pet even.  How sad is that?  Pets who make our lives better and actually improve our lives and health and people with little money can't afford them.

I'm so stressed out right now I kind of feel like I'm losing all sense of proportion.  I just want to run away and never have to deal with our moldy house, which is probably the cause of the cats asthma but we can't afford to move or do anything about the problem.  Excuse me while I go try to get the gagging cat to relax so he can breath better.  There, he's sitting up and isn't gagging now so hopefully that's better.  He can't go outside because of the cold air but since he's still having problems I'm kind of thinking it isn't the cold air at all.

This cat hates to be inside all the time.  I tried when we got him to keep him inside but he would get real wild at night and aggressive.  He'd go around at night trying to wake you up until you let him out.  He scratches the wall by the door or messes with stuff in your room until you let him out.  It's confusing for him when the behavior that's always got him outside isn't working now.

My lungs have been feeling a bit weird too.  I'm not sure if that's a sympathy thing for the cat but I was kind of coughing to clear my lungs all day today.  And my chest feels kind of heavy and hot like I'm getting sick.  I really don't need to be getting sick right now cause my stress level is through the roof.

I keep telling myself not to worry about the cat because it most certainly isn't helping him any.  I keep telling myself we are doing as much as we can for the cat.  I keep telling myself to relax and let what is going to be be and not worry.  It's not working.  I've tried to lay down and meditate with my deep breathing but with every breath I think about how horrible it must be to not be able to breath properly.  Poor kitty.

I'm worried I may have to have him put down to save him suffering if we can't get his asthma under control.  I keep telling myself to "live in the moment" don't worry about the future you can't control.  Oh and to top it off tomorrow the in-laws are coming to visit because father-in-law has some kind of appointment.  I wonder what kind of appointment he has on a Sunday?  Nothing is open on Sundays here except for stores.

I had another post for this info but abandoned it so I'll just toss it in here.  Last Saturday I had an optical migraine.  I used to get migraines when I was a teen but grew out of them in my early 20's.  I guess menopause has brought them back.  I had one Saturday, one Monday and I woke up with one Wed.  I always feel so out of sorts when I get migraines and have the muddled thinking and sore head and back afterwards.

Stick a fork in me I'm done!!!  One more little tiny thing is going to be the straw that breaks my back right now.  I need holiday away from all my worries just for a little bit so I can recoup my energy to come back and deal with all the things that are going on right now.

I used to feel strong and capable of handling things, I don't anymore.  I feel like I can't manage anything and everything I do is not good enough or the wrong thing.   It's like a swirling vortex is around me and I can't grab anything to hold onto.  See, I'm losing all sense of proportion.  It's just a sick cat, not the end of the world.  It's not like it's one of the kids or the husband.  Sure it's not nice but pets get sick and die, it happens.  I should know I've had a bunch of cats and only a few have lived into old age to pass away.  Especially cats who go outside, they don't live as long or as healthy a life as ones who are kept inside.

Ya, I know another whine post but right now that's what's going on here. 


Penny said…
I'm so sorry about your cat. My sister was diagnosed with COPD when she was just in her forties. She took a bunch of medicine for it. When they took up the kitchen flooring she found that the ice machine had been leaking and the floor under the linoleum was all moldy. She cleaned it up as best she could and her symptoms went away. I don't know what your mold situation is but it is a bad thing to have. Maybe the cat would be better outside if he had a warm place to sleep. Maybe it would be better than breathing in mold and the stress of not getting out. I hope he gets better.
Sparkless said…
Penny, our house is really old and has no proper ventilation. There is also no insulation in the walls. We are a one income family and don't have the money to be able to fix these problems. I've tried to persuade my husband that we need to move but he refuses. I don't have a job so don't have the option to move out on my own. There is no visible mold but old plaster lathe walls probably are full of it. The vet has said not to let the cat outside because the cold will only make his asthma worse. Poor kitty is worse today and I've phone the emergency vet but she hasn't phoned me back. I don't think he's going to make it if he doesn't get some medicine that helps him.
Mama Pea said…
So sorry to hear you're having to deal with all this. Yes, mold can be a deadly thing, but also very hard to deal with in many circumstances.

We've never had a cat, just dogs, but our daughter has had and enjoyed cats. All of hers have been outside/inside cats and three of them have met their end because of being allowed outside. Still, I feel they all had happier, more natural lives because they lived the lives they truly enjoyed while still having a safe, warm place to come in to when they chose.

Hoping for the best for your kitty.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I have had many cats in my life and each one is different. Some are fine staying inside, the daughter's cat is not. He's a bit wild and is not a cuddly cat at all.
So far kitty is doing well and has improved. We now have him on a pill, and a puffer treatment every day. We have to wrap him in a blanket to do it and he hates us afterwards but that's the way it is. We have let him outside in the day for a limited amount of time when we are home or are going to be outside. It has warmed up and is above freezing. The only time he's had a gagging/coughing fit is when we stress him out to give him his medicine.

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