Sad and Happy News

We have a black bear that I've seen on the security camera about 4 times.  Each time he's just walking down the middle of the road or on the sidewalk without a care in the world.  I ran outside trying to get a picture of him one time but he had ambled too far down the sidewalk and it was too dark.  I watch for him every night.  I really hope he gets up into the mountains before someone complains about him and they the authorities shoot him.  No funding from our crappy government to relocate bears anymore they just shoot them.  He looks to be a young black bear and I really enjoy seeing him so I hope he makes it.

Tonight I saw two big raccoons cross the road and it looked like they were going to go under our fence and into our yard until they spied me looking out the widow at them.  They thought better of it and went farther down the street where I couldn't see them.  Stupid cat wants to go outside so I hope he stays away from those raccoons.  The cat was sitting on the window on his cat perch and was very interested in those raccoons.  I tried to tell him those were not big kitties and he can't chase them out of the yard cause they'd more likely chase him but he wasn't listening and had to go outside.  I figure there must be lots of raccoons out there and the cat is still alive so what the heck.  I'll let you know if he survives.

Today the drug dealers' mom had some people over.  They are Filipino and often have family gatherings.  We knew they were having a get together because there were lots of cars parked on the street and we saw people walking towards their house although we can't actually see the front of the house because the neighbours garage blocks our view.  Anyway, some guy was screaming his head off and sounded like he was really mad at someone or was freaking out about something.  Two people were walking him down the street past our house so we saw and heard him.  Then we could see a woman standing by her car on her cell phone and we could hear she was calling an ambulance.  So we figured there was some kind of altercation at their gathering.

Two police cars showed up and I couldn't see if an ambulance ever did show up.  We could hear some little kid crying and a mom telling him not to worry it was okay.  I figured the kid had witnessed some kind of fight where someone got hurt.  The police left and it wasn't until when the daughter was going to bed that she read on facebook that the drug dealer guy had died.  His son had posted it on facebook.

But the guy had died in the morning and the altercation we saw was in the afternoon so not sure what that was all about.  People were coming and going from the house giving support to the mom.  The Filipino community is really tight here and there aren't many of them but they like to get together.  They even had their own social ground and dress up for local parades.

My husband works at the hospital and when he came home from work at 11pm he knew all the details of course.  The drug dealer had died of an overdose in his bed at the house.  No word if it was accidental or suicide.  So sad really because he wasn't a mean nasty type of person just got into doing the wrong kind of work.  We are sad that he is dead but also kind of relieved that he won't be around anymore and the people he associates with won't be around anymore either. 

Now we just have the next door neighbours who seem to deal drugs but are more on the down low about it.  I was outside one time when a guy came to their door and I caught some of the conversation (because I wasn't really paying that much attention to them) and the neighbour guy was telling this other guy that he didn't want anyone to know it came from him.  So what that meant I can only imagine. 

I'm hoping their house falls down and they are too poor to fix it and have to move.  The roof on their house looks really bad and I'm surprised it isn't leaking.  Since we've lived here, 18 years the roof on that house hasn't been redone.  We had our roof re-shingled about 15 years ago and are starting to think about having it done again before it leaks.  Shingle roofs are only good for 15-20 years maybe 25.

Those are the exciting events that have been happening around here.  Bears, raccoons and death.  Sounds pretty grim but only the last bit is the rest is amazing and I love living somewhere I get to see wildlife.


Mama Pea said…
Goodness, lots of happenings in your neighborhood both human and animal! Stay safe . . . with both!
I can see why this was entitled both sad AND happy news.

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