Best Laid Plans and All That Stuff

My birthday is next Tuesday.  I always plan my own birthday because no one else will.  I wanted to order some cupcakes from this lady who makes awesome ones.  We ordered from her for the son's graduation and we know they are yummy and I've been obsessed with them ever since.  But alas she had too many weddings and she either couldn't supply them or we could pick them up tomorrow.  She says they freeze well but I don't want thawed cupcakes.  I want yummy fresh ones.

So I figured we'd just invite everyone over Friday night instead of Tuesday.  The wheels came to a screeching halt when I found out my aunt and cousin were stopping at my parents house Friday and Saturday night.  My house is entirely too small and uncomfortable to invite them plus all my family over.  My aunt is not in the best health and her daughter, my cousin, is traveling with her to Vancouver so she can visit her brother.  We literally have 5 places to sit in our living room.  When I invite my family over people sit on the kitchen chairs or on the floor.  But I'd have several elderly people who can't sit on uncomfortable wooden kitchen chairs or the floor so I can't offer them a comfy seat in my home.  Alternate plan is for me to bring the cupcakes to my mom's house and we all go up there.  Mom is good with that, thank goodness.  They have a much larger house with enough comfortable seating for everyone.

I had thought it was all sorted.  I wanted to go out on my actual birthday with the husband who has the day off.  I thought we'd take a long drive somewhere and then on the way back stop for supper somewhere.  The kids could fend for themselves.  In my head I was weighing the options and how long a drive I wanted to do and where we could go until that plan had a kink. 

The phone rings and the husband answers it.  He's talking to his mom.  After he gets off the phone he tells me his dad has a dentist appointment, guess when, and his mom is going to hang out here at 8am while she waits for him!  Now I have to get up early and get cleaned up instead of being able to have a leisurely morning.  I am not a morning person, never have been.  I would have been honored to have them visit if it was actually for my birthday but it's all about their appointments.  It's convenient for them to stop by and drop off a card so they don't have to bother to mail it.  At least there will some cash inside but I'm still chafing at the thought of getting up early on my birthday.

All my plans have gone awry.  I'm almost afraid to hear what will happen next.  I fully expect the car to blow up so we can't go anywhere or some other disaster to happen like I get sick (knock wood)!  I really just wanted to spend a quiet birthday without having anyone come over. 

I find having more than 2 people over in our very small house stressful.  I have to clean and move things.  One thing leads to another like when I move the kitchen chairs into the living room I notice the chair pads don't look too clean so I have to take them off or wash them.  Then I see the chairs need a good wipe down so I have to do that.  Then I notice while I'm dusting that there are too many books and if I move them people will have a spot to put their drinks or plate on.  So I move a bunch of things to make it easier for everyone and by that time I'm exhausted and my bedroom is piled with things that don't belong in it.  I will have to move everything back before I can collapse in bed to sleep.

So you see that having people over, even ones I really love seeing, becomes more of a chore than it's worth.  I try to have people over in smaller groups, going out and visiting or going to their homes.  Having a large group over to my house isn't enjoyable for me even though I do like to entertain.   And now after all that I pretty much want to stay home and eat all my cupcakes myself and everyone else can go take a flying leap!  Okay, I'm done whining now.  I'm blessed to have family who will actually come and visit and bring me gifts on my birthday.  I'm blessed to have a home, healthy kids and a sometimes loving husband.  But sometimes, like on your birthday, you just want everything the way you want it and it makes you pouty when it doesn't work out that way.

I don't know when we'll be able to leave for our road trip because my mother-in-law and father-in-law will be here.  That means I have to cross out a few of my ideas for road trips because they will be too long for a day trip.  Am I the only one who gets cranky when she can't have her own way one day out of the entire year?  I'll get over it after I shove a few cupcakes in my face.  Oh, and at first I told the husband that all he needed to get me for my birthday was to get the cupcakes.   But since he told his parents they can come here when we already had plans I told him I expect a really good gift cause he owes me big time.  When he protested he didn't have any money I replied "If you can afford $60 for a computer program for yourself right before my birthday and you can turn down several over-time shifts then you better figure out a way to get me something even if you have to go into debt to do it." 

He keeps whining that I haven't told him what I want, to which I reply "You've known me for 30 years and you can't figure out something that I'd like for my birthday?"  I don't have to be told what he'd like for a present.  I can always find something he loves so it's time he used his brain and did the same for me.  I've never been one that needs expensive gifts.  I love thoughtful gifts the best.  You know the kind you'd never think of for yourself but are just perfect, that kind of thing. Or the type of gift that is a bit of a splurge like pretty soaps or candles. 

I'm so easy to buy stuff for it's sad, so I'm not sure what his problem is other than he's cheap and doesn't want to use his credit card.  If he were smart he could easily figure out something that doesn't cost a dime but is still awesome.  I can think of several things, things I've said in the past that I liked better than gifts, like spending an evening together where he actually makes an effort to be kind, or giving me a massage, or going for an evening walk like we use to do, or making me a special meal or food that I like, or painting me a picture or writing me a song.  All much more thoughtful gifts than spending money.

You would think from reading this post that I put a lot of emphasis on birthdays or presents.  I don't. It's just this birthday everything has decided to give me a hard time.  Usually it's easy but as soon as I decide to tamper with the status quo and do something different like not having people over on my actual birthday it all flies in my face.

I will not let these things get to me though.  I am determined to have a wonderful birthday, better yet, I'll celebrate it from Fri into Wed just to make up for all the hassles.  I declare it to be my birthday week starting Thur, cause the cupcakes will be here, and I'm going to eat one even though I should wait until Friday night.  The only thing I have to decide now is whether to eat a chocolate salted caramel, or a lemon curd cupcake.  Now that is a decision I can't mess up!


Mama Pea said…
Mmmm, I'd go with the lemon curd, hands down! ;o)
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I decided not to make a decision at all and ate one of each. And by the way the lemon curd one was amazing.

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