I Think I Made My Point

My husband is our family's cook.  He does most of the cooking and for the most part cooks from scratch.  He makes pizza from scratch, pancakes, muffins, cookies, spaghetti and pretty much everything.  Even with all that he's not a frugal cook.  He thinks that buying cheap ingredients saves money.  He also hasn't figured out that above the stove is not the best place to store your herbs especially since we have no fan. 

He's also very unorganized.  All the cupboards are a jumble of things put away with no reason or thought.  He loses things and has to go buy more because he doesn't want to spend hours looking for it.  I've left him do this for years because sometimes you hope that person will figure it out themselves eventually.  I'm losing hope for that ever happening.

A couple of weeks ago we pulled an organic chicken out of the freezer to eat.  It was delicious and I asked that we make some soup with the leftovers.  I asked that we keep the bones so I could attempt to make some soup stock.  As I stood and watched he tossed the bones into the garbage saying we didn't want the bones for soup.  He said he had the leftover chicken to make soup with.  ARG!  He's a stubborn man.

He likes to point out the couple of times I bought some Kale and then we never got around to cooking it and eating it and we had to toss it out.  He goes on and on about this.  So I  finally opened the fridge and pointed out the left over spaghetti that he made and  no one finished would need to be tossed out.  I also pointed out the sour yogurt that he bought and no one finished.  I asked him where the free apples my parents had given us were, the apples that were a bit soft and not good for eating but would be fine for cooking with were.  His face got more and more enlightened as I kept pointing out all the items he bought that no one finished and he had to toss out.  I asked him if I had made my point and I really thought I had.

This past Halloween we bought a pumpkin but no one actually got around to carving it.  I think because we only had one no one wanted to carve the pumpkin all on their own.  So that pumpkin was sitting on our back porch.  I wanted to roast the seeds and try to cook the rest for some muffins or something.  Guess where that pumpkin is now?  The husband tossed it out.  A perfectly good pumpkin we paid money for and he tossed it out.

I voiced my displeasure and he shrugged like it was no big deal.  I asked him for his wallet.  He wanted to know what for and I told him I was going to take some more money out of his wallet and toss it out in the garbage.  If he can toss money away so can I.  I threatened I may toss things out while he's out at work.  It may be something like a guitar or all his shirts.  Or maybe his laptop.  I narrowed my eyes and glared at him.  He knows better than to mess with me.  He knows I don't threaten and not follow through. 

I think I have him on my side now.  He now sees the errors of his ways and if he knows what's good for him and his guitars he'll mind me when I tell him to not throw something away when I ask him not to. 



Mama Pea said…
Hahaha! You must be one big, tough, scary lady! ;o) But if you got through to him, keep up the good work!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea it's all in the follow through. He knows I'll follow through on my threat and he can't be home all the time. And yes, I am one big scary woman but in a good way. LOL!

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