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Not Again!

I'm getting tired of all these negative posts but lately that's what's been going on so that's what I have to blog about.  Right now I am dealing with a 16 year old son who is failing math.  Not because he's not capable of doing it but because he's too lazy to go get a bit of help.  And he isn't handing in any of his work and lied to me about it.  I'm more mad about the lying than the bad math mark.

What does he think will happen when we find out he hasn't handed in his homework and has 5 assignments to hand in or fail math?  I keep telling him that he will have to take the exact same class again next Sept so why not just pass it this year?  I don't understand what the problem is.  It seems like every year he picks a class to suck at and pretty much won't do any work at all in it.  Last year it was French and he got a C- in it.  Lucky for him he didn't have to hand many assignments in.

This kid won't even take his learners drivers li…

Working Poor

A friend and I were having a discussion today about jobs.  She has been working her rear end off at two jobs just to pay her rent, bills and food.  Every time she turns around the cost of something goes up but wages are not keeping pace.  Remember the good old days when people only had to work 40 hours a week to keep body and soul together?  Those days are long gone.

If you can't afford to go to University or are just not University material and not everyone is, then you can expect a job with such low pay you may make less than someone on Welfare.  At least on Welfare you get dental and health care not at a minimum wage job. 

And even if you can afford to go to University expect to come out with thousands of dollars of student loans to have to pay off.  It's a rare parent who can afford the total cost of a post secondary education for  their children.  And forget about working for a few months and having enough for tuition.  Most students can barely get a job at minimum wage d…

Maybe or Maybe Not

I think the son has a girlfriend.  It's so hard to tell because this is a girl who has been hanging out with the boys for a few years now.  I've asked a million times if they were together and he's always said no.  But the last week or so something has changed.  When the son talks about people at school he says it's him and this girl. 

They even went to the fair together tonight.  We live really close to the high school and quite often the son brings his friends home after school to hang out.  Now that the weather is nicer I don't mind cause I can sit outside and let them have the living room all to their selves.  Today he brought home his girlfriend.  They just stopped by before they went off to the fair and they stayed down there for supper. It's all within walking distance of our house so no rides were needed and the son has a cell phone.

I don't really know much about this girl.  I hope she doesn't break his heart or give girls a bad name.  Those fi…

If It Weren't For Bad News

I'd have no news at all lately, as the saying goes.  I haven't blogged about my SIL having breast cancer.  I think I wrote about it in one of the many unpublished posts.  My brother, wife and kids live in Australia.  My brother moved down to Australia to play hockey after high school.  He met his wife there and they got married.  None of us could make the wedding but we sent a funny wedding video.

They decided to moved to Canada much to our happiness and then had three kids.  But SIL (sister-in-law) missed her family and wanted to move back home so about three years ago they moved back.  My parents were just down visiting them in Australia when SIL found out she had breast cancer. She's only 45 years old. My parent were there when she had her first biopsy.  They had to return home a few days after that. 

The news so far is that she's now had a mastectomy, will have chemo and reconstruction.  They believe they removed all the cancer and it hadn't spread.  We are all…


Apparently "air" is the gift for 22nd wedding anniversaries.  How do I know this you ask?  Because that's what I got today for my 22nd anniversary and it wasn't even wrapped.  Isn't my husband a romantic?  He could have baked a cake, made a meal, gone for a walk with me, given me a massage and I could go on but instead he figured air would be the perfect gift. 

So in keeping with the situation I am giving a load of crap to him.  At least it is in a bag with a pretty bow on it.  Yes, after learning what my gift was I went out and bought a bag of manure, put a bow and card on it and left it where the husband will be sure to find it.  If you behave like a shit it's what you deserve.

Happy anniversary honey!