Apparently "air" is the gift for 22nd wedding anniversaries.  How do I know this you ask?  Because that's what I got today for my 22nd anniversary and it wasn't even wrapped.  Isn't my husband a romantic?  He could have baked a cake, made a meal, gone for a walk with me, given me a massage and I could go on but instead he figured air would be the perfect gift. 

So in keeping with the situation I am giving a load of crap to him.  At least it is in a bag with a pretty bow on it.  Yes, after learning what my gift was I went out and bought a bag of manure, put a bow and card on it and left it where the husband will be sure to find it.  If you behave like a shit it's what you deserve.

Happy anniversary honey!


Erin said…
Oh no! I'm sorry he didn't acknowlege the anniversary, that stinks! (literally LOL) I can never remember ours except that it was "Memorial Day Weekend" LOL, so the date is sometimes off but we at least cook a nice dinner.
Sparkless said…
Erin he knew when it was. He just doesn't think he needs to do anything unless I do. His fave thing to say to me just before a gift giving occasion is "we aren't giving each other gifts are we?"

We needed the manure for the garden so it was more of a joke gift with a bit of a twist to it to make him feel bad. I doubt he does but it sure makes a good story and makes him look bad. LOL!

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