If It Weren't For Bad News

I'd have no news at all lately, as the saying goes.  I haven't blogged about my SIL having breast cancer.  I think I wrote about it in one of the many unpublished posts.  My brother, wife and kids live in Australia.  My brother moved down to Australia to play hockey after high school.  He met his wife there and they got married.  None of us could make the wedding but we sent a funny wedding video.

They decided to moved to Canada much to our happiness and then had three kids.  But SIL (sister-in-law) missed her family and wanted to move back home so about three years ago they moved back.  My parents were just down visiting them in Australia when SIL found out she had breast cancer. She's only 45 years old. My parent were there when she had her first biopsy.  They had to return home a few days after that. 

The news so far is that she's now had a mastectomy, will have chemo and reconstruction.  They believe they removed all the cancer and it hadn't spread.  We are all guardedly optimistic and hoping for the best for them.  It's hard to be so far away and not be able to do anything to help them out.  All we can do is send our love.  I'm trying real hard not to imagine too much how my brother or SIL feels and when I think about kids I pretty much have to stop.  I don't want to imagine what they are going through.  I want them all to be healthy and happy. 

The woman who I call my "second mom" will be having her cancer operation soon.  It's all a bit much and has made me think.  I'm sure everyone else experiences those times in life when everything seems very dark.  I'm just trying to swim through this with my hope intact.  

Sorry no pictures today.


Erin said…
So sorry to hear about your SIL, I'm glad she had the mastectomy, too many in my opinion try to "save" the breast and I say take it all and HOPEFULLY be done with it. It must be hard having them so far, but it's important she has her family around her.

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