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Fuzzy Thinking

I have been so out of sorts lately I'm beginning to think there may be something actually wrong with me. I am constantly tired, can't seem to get anything done and hormones rage without warning. All I can think about is when I can go back to sleep and for how long. It's hard to get anything accomplished sleeping.

It's spring too and there is so much that needs to get done. I don't think spring and I are buddies anymore. Our money always runs out before we can buy any of those nice plants for the gardens. I can hear all you frugalites out there saying "buy seeds and plant them." We have a house that had hardly any windows and barely enough space for the 4 people who live in it let along a flat or two of seedling flowers.

Then there is the patio furniture. Lets just say the stuff we have has seen better days. It's been several years now and we still haven't been able to afford to replace it. We did manage to get two new plastic chairs but it…