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Drafts and Posts

Once again I notice I am writing tons but not posting anything.  My drafts are piling up and my posts are few and far between.  So here's a post for the few who are interested in what I am up to.  The edited version would be "not much, as usual".  Then I would probably leave this as a draft and never post it.  But I'm going to post this no matter what.  There will probably even be a typo or worse a spelling error, gasp!  I may even split an infinitive or have a sentence run on.  But no one is really paying any attention to that stuff anyway, right....right?!

The son is doing well at his job, at least from what we can figure out.  They haven't fired him yet and he seems to enjoy working when he has work.  Unfortunately when you work at minimum wage jobs in a retail setting you may have to look busy when you aren't.  He's not fond of being bored at work so that's a good thing.  At least I hope it is and that it means he wants to be busy and working not …

Please Send Sanity

I am hanging onto my sanity with my fingertips here.  Life is throwing me too many curve balls all at once and I don't have the energy, money, or resources to deal with this all at once.  Why, does everything always go to crap when I start feeling like life is okay now.

Both kids have jobs and seem to be doing okay for now.  We were managing to get the bills paid and nothing major had broken, well until today that is.  I'm afraid that now the flood gate of crap has opening and it will just keep coming.

It starting with the washer agitator not really agitating the clothes.  It's broken.  I messed around with it and did some research and it's not fixable.  In the washer's defense it is 20 years old now so it's done it's time.  Too bad we don't have any money to buy a new or even a used one.  Guess we'll have to keep using the washer even if it doesn't really wash our clothes properly.

Then drove all the way to get cat food only to find out they do…