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The Dig

Well I think it's going to happen.  The husband got an estimate and discussed how it will be done and by whom.  The plumber is going to replace our leaking water main.  This means our back yard will be dug up.  The new fence will have to come down or at least part of it will.  The patio will have to come up and our water will be turned off.

For those of you who live in old houses you know the fear of doing any renovation or project.  You know that they never go to plan and most likely you'll have at least one or two nasty surprises along the way.  So I'm shaking in my boots right now.  I'm terrified that this will not go off very well and the costs will skyrocket out of our ability to pay for it.

Right now we are using our income tax refund money to pay for this and we also have to use that money to pay our water, sewer and garbage and the house insurance for the year.  This plumber quoted a price that I think is really low considering he is going to have to dig up the…

Answer Me This

I keep hearing about the cold weather out East.  Freezing pipes seem to be a huge problem.  This seems to be a fairly consistent thing for most of these people so I'm wondering why they don't insulate their pipes properly so they don't have to worry about them freezing.  We've never had problems with pipes freezing.  We've never had to let our water run to keep the water lines from freezing.  But then maybe the temperatures are much colder than we ever get.  I'm thinking it's been down to -18C but that would be pretty rare.  We also don't get much wind which would contribute to the wind chill factor.

So fill me in is it because the temperatures are much colder than we ever get or is it because they haven't insulated their pipes properly?

Grrrrr Computer!!!!

Can you hear my frustration?  My friend could not help me with my picture posting problem but she did have a couple of ideas for me to try.  The problem with trying them is they may mess up something else which I really don't want to do.  So I'm going to back my computer up and mess about some more.  I think I've almost got this one fixed.  It's so close I can taste it until it gets snatched out of my drooling mouth.  UG!

Is there anything worse than trying to fix something on a computer, especially an older computer that is obsolete.  But I will prevail even if it takes forever which I sincerely hope it doesn't because I have to blog and people love pictures, right?  Well I know I enjoy seeing pictures on other people's blogs so I'm thinking it's not just me who enjoys them.

Nothing new going on here.  We are having beautiful sunny weather that is getting up to around 10C in the day and only about -2C at night.  All our snow is melted so it really look…


I couldn't get my picture to post.  Not sure why but I tried for a couple of hours and gave up.  I think it's too big and I have no idea how to make it smaller.  I have got a friend who will come over next week and give me a hand cause I'm so tired of struggling with pictures not working.  My computer is very old and most likely needs to be updated but I keep plugging along attempting to keep it going even though it is over 4 years old now.  Doesn't that seem so wrong that a machine that is only 4 years old is now obsolete?

Hopefully my picture will be up by next Wed.  Sorry to keep you hanging.

Positive Posting

Don't you just hate it when you find a fantastic blog that is well written and makes you laugh and then this person abandons their blog never to be seen and heard from again?  I'm specifically thinking of a couple of blogs from the UK that I particularly enjoyed and now neither has posted a thing since 2010!  The reason I know this is because I was checking my blog list and found them.  I went to check to make sure that they hadn't closed their blogs or something else was wrong and I just wasn't getting notifications from their newest posts but alas they have left me hanging.

And then there are the bloggers who post a ton for years and then stop for a long time and then seem to start posting again (Yeah!) only to piddle out and stop posting again just getting my hopes up and slamming them down again. 

Sure I've done a bit of that in the past but I keep coming back and boring the pants off you all.  I don't want to let my 8 subscribers down.   I could add pictur…


It started with the cat.  He likes to wake us up around 4am to go outside.  Some nights he just likes to wake us up and then won't go outside.  I chased him around the house trying to grab him to toss him out so he wouldn't wake us up again but I couldn't catch the little bugger and that made me mad.  Of course he came back and woke me up again just as I was falling back to sleep.  I made the husband get up because I'd already got up once and it was his turn.

I had to get up at 7am so I could get in the shower to be ready to take my daughter to a hair appointment.  Plus I had to go to a funeral later.  The son had to go to work at 9am.  We have one car so you do the math.  It's chaos trying to get enough time in the bathroom to look half decent and the light in the bathroom is so poor that I've given up wearing make-up because I just end up looking like a clown.

So I'd only got about 5 hours of sleep because the cat kept waking me up and then the phone rang…