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Don't you just hate it when you find a fantastic blog that is well written and makes you laugh and then this person abandons their blog never to be seen and heard from again?  I'm specifically thinking of a couple of blogs from the UK that I particularly enjoyed and now neither has posted a thing since 2010!  The reason I know this is because I was checking my blog list and found them.  I went to check to make sure that they hadn't closed their blogs or something else was wrong and I just wasn't getting notifications from their newest posts but alas they have left me hanging.

And then there are the bloggers who post a ton for years and then stop for a long time and then seem to start posting again (Yeah!) only to piddle out and stop posting again just getting my hopes up and slamming them down again. 

Sure I've done a bit of that in the past but I keep coming back and boring the pants off you all.  I don't want to let my 8 subscribers down.   I could add pictures and clever sayings to my blog or even jazz it up with a fancy heading and background but alas I don't have those skills and can't be bothered to learn then.  At some point before I'm dead I may learn them but I'd say the chance of that happening is pretty slim to none.  But you know, hope springs eternal and it could happen.

I keep hoping some of my favorite bloggers will jump back on the bandwagon and restart their blogs for my personal amusement.  Actually there were 4 blogs from the UK that I found particularly amusing and now three never post and one only post very sporadically.   There is one blog from Alaska that I loved and now she rarely posts and a handful from the US.  I can't think of any Canadian ones who I am missing.  Not that there aren't any great Canadian bloggers but the ones I read have kept blogging so I'm wondering if Canadians are better bloggers than the rest of the world.  Yes, that's probably the reason.  Canadians have to stay out of the cold in winter and out of the mosquitoes in the summer so they have way more time on their hands to write.

I've decided that for the rest of the month I can't whine about anything bad in my life.  I can only post interesting or positive things and nothing that resembles me complaining about the son, daughter, husband, any other person or myself.  This includes my broken down house and car too.  Oh, and I have to include the asthmatic cat and the old cat who has no fur on her belly because she licks it bald.  I may have a picture of that pink belly to share.  When she's walking and you see her from behind her saggy belly resembles a cows udder all pink and hanging down.  Poor old cat, but I love her to pieces even when she horks up a fur ball on the floor and I have to clean it up.

Oh, I just though of a better idea although I'm not sure if I can pull this one off.  I'm going to do up a few test posts and see if I like them first but they could be fun and include pictures without any explanation.  I think I'll post these on Wednesday since many people post wordless Wednesdays.  I'll call mine something different though.  You'll just have to wait until Wed to see what it is though.

I'm off to bed now.  Hopefully all this typing has worn me out enough to sleep.  It's probably the most exercise I got all day.


Anonymous said…
You are my closest blogging buddy. I read a lot of Canadian blogs but you are the only one that I know from BC. So keep posting. We may be the only ones holding up the west.
Sparkless said…
Birdie, I used to follow a couple of bloggers from BC but one moved and the other stopped blogging. If you find any more blogs from BC let me know and I'll do the same.
Yeah, some bloggers just up and disappear and leave you wondering WTF happened to them. Occasionally a blogger does a "farewell" post which is very considerate but most don't, it seems.

For another BC blogger, check out http://www.suziethefoodie.com She used to blog from BC several years ago, then moved to NS but now is back in Vancouver and blogging from there again. And there's another one I read from Vancouver but just give me a minute, I have to go look up her url.
Her url is http://veronicaroth.com She's an artist who lives partly in Vancouver and partly in England.
Sparkless said…
Debra, that's for the links. I'll be sure to check them out. Of course there are tons of great blogs from all over Canada and some of the best ones are in Alberta. If you find anymore great Canadian blogs send the links, I'm always thrilled to find new and interesting people to read.
Mama Pea said…
Well, I live close to the Canadian border, but I guess that doesn't really qualify, does it? No matter, just keep blogging yourself. I'll be looking forward to those pictures on Wednesday with no words. But will you accept questions on them? ;o]

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