Grrrrr Computer!!!!

Can you hear my frustration?  My friend could not help me with my picture posting problem but she did have a couple of ideas for me to try.  The problem with trying them is they may mess up something else which I really don't want to do.  So I'm going to back my computer up and mess about some more.  I think I've almost got this one fixed.  It's so close I can taste it until it gets snatched out of my drooling mouth.  UG!

Is there anything worse than trying to fix something on a computer, especially an older computer that is obsolete.  But I will prevail even if it takes forever which I sincerely hope it doesn't because I have to blog and people love pictures, right?  Well I know I enjoy seeing pictures on other people's blogs so I'm thinking it's not just me who enjoys them.

Nothing new going on here.  We are having beautiful sunny weather that is getting up to around 10C in the day and only about -2C at night.  All our snow is melted so it really looks and feels like spring out there.  Seems like I'm living in one of the warmest areas of Canada other than the actual West Coast.  I think I may have to move East so I can get some winter since I really enjoy the change of seasons.  I'm not a fan of extreme hot summers but the other three seasons are fine with me.

I just realized I wrote another post that I was going to put up but got interrupted which happens to me all the time, and left it in the drafts.  I have so many drafts that will never be posted.  Lots of half thoughts and incoherent ramblings.  Some things too private to publish.  I really should delete or save them somewhere safe.  I like to look through them in hopes of finding some inspiration or a good draft I can finish up and post.  So if you think this post is shoddy you should see my drafts! 

I think I just broke my newest blog rule, no whining.  I wasn't whining about my computer just wanted to tell you all that I'm working on the problem and will have some pictures to post soon.  I have ideas for some pictures to post too and they should be fun.  I'm off to bed to see if I can finally sleep.  Happy Friday to those of you in the East who are probably just waking up now.


Mama Pea said…
My hubby operates with two computers because he likes his old one so, so much better. It's simpler and comes up with fewer glitches. So you're not the only one operating an "obsolete" computer! But he does realize it won't last forever so he has the newer one also.

And whoever said blog posts have to be full of astounding thoughts and complete sentences? Geesh, I'd be banned in a flash if that were the case. Blog on, friend, blog on.
Birdie said…
Whining is human. Trying to quit will just lead to a nervous breakdown.

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