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I Have Lost My Mind

Usually I am a very intelligent person.  I don't do things without lots of thought and planning.  I'm actually really boring because I don't do things out of the ordinary or on a whim.  Lately I have been doing things that I have no idea why and without any thought or planning.  I'm kind of scaring myself.  I'm not sure if I'll make some huge mistake and end up regretting what I've done.

Today we got a kitten.  We already have two cats.  The oldest cat hates the other cat.  It's been three years and she still hates him.  She hisses pretty much every time she seems him.  They can be in the same room together but if he tries to walk past her she will hiss and bat at him.  I'm not sure if it's just him or she hates all other cats.

My nephew's cat had kittens which was a surprise to him because he thought his cat was a boy.  They are all black kittens.  Did you know black cats or kittens are the hardest to find homes for?  We went to see them an…

Cause I Like It

And I don't me "It" I mean talking to you.  Why do I blog?  Cause I like it.  I like talking to people who are there but not really there, if you know what I mean.  I imagine what you will think of me when I write things and then I change it all around to sound better.  Oh come on, you do it too!

I like to vent my anger cause it's a safe place to do it.  The worst that happens is some troll posts a reply I don't like and then I can just delete it.  I wish it were that easy in real like.  Can you imagine if you could just delete anything you didn't like?  Nothing would be left!  LOL!

Of course I'd be all regretful about deleting my husband or kids but life would be easier, calmer, quieter, and boring.  I think about getting rid of the cats and life would be cleaner.  I could sleep better cause the cat wouldn't be on my legs all night biting me every time I try to roll over.  I wouldn't have to buy special cat food or cat litter.  I wouldn't hav…

I'm Still Here

I know you are all waiting to hear about my heart problem. Well it turns out to be something I can't even pronounce let alone spell.  Apparently my heart doesn't like to keep a steady beat.  I have some medication that I'll need to keep taking and right now I'm wearing a heart monitor so they can monitor it over an extended length of time.

The Dr. said it was mild and to not worry about it because I wouldn't drop dead anytime soon but it also wasn't something I should just ignore.  So we continue to monitor and take my medication to see if it gets better.

 This could be one of the reasons I've been feeling so tired lately.  Now if I could just fix the husband and my heart I'd be good to go. 

We went to my family's Thanksgiving dinner tonight.  The husband decided that it would be a perfect time to act like a jerk to me the entire time.  On the way home I asked him what he thinks my parents think about his behavior.  Then I gave the example of what …

What Is Going On In the USA?

I'm Canadian and I am totally baffled by what is going on in the US.  I'm not clear on the details because every time I ask someone they give me a different answer.  They are blaming each other for things I don't quite understand.  How is having health care for everyone a bad thing?

When I posed the above question to a friend in the US she said there is no way she wanted to give free health care to illegal aliens and lazy people who don't want to work.  She can afford medical care and coverage for her family and does not want her premiums to increase to help pay for health care for people less fortunate then herself. 

Then I got a totally different answer from another person.  I didn't understand the answer but it had to do with Obama care being a poor plan period.  She said that there should be a better plan.  Okay I can understand that but when I asked why it was a bad plan her answers were not clear.

Each side is blaming the other for the government shut down. …