Cause I Like It

And I don't me "It" I mean talking to you.  Why do I blog?  Cause I like it.  I like talking to people who are there but not really there, if you know what I mean.  I imagine what you will think of me when I write things and then I change it all around to sound better.  Oh come on, you do it too!

I like to vent my anger cause it's a safe place to do it.  The worst that happens is some troll posts a reply I don't like and then I can just delete it.  I wish it were that easy in real like.  Can you imagine if you could just delete anything you didn't like?  Nothing would be left!  LOL!

Of course I'd be all regretful about deleting my husband or kids but life would be easier, calmer, quieter, and boring.  I think about getting rid of the cats and life would be cleaner.  I could sleep better cause the cat wouldn't be on my legs all night biting me every time I try to roll over.  I wouldn't have to buy special cat food or cat litter.  I wouldn't have to clean up fur balls or poo balls on the carpet and floors.  I wouldn't have to try to remember to let the little boogers outside in the evening and then back in again when I go to bed.  But then I think who would I snuggle with on the couch when no one else is home?  Who would love me no matter how bad I look or smell but my cats?  And those little faces make me smile every dang time I see them.  UG!  They have me wrapped around their little paws and know it.

Now the husband and kids, well I'd miss them but it would take a few days for that to kick in.  I'd feel pretty good at first.  Then I'd realize I have entirely too much free time on my hands and those walls don't talk back.  I'd not be able to do the heavy lifting or crawl around under the house to get boxes (I'm a bit too claustrophobic for that).  I'd also have to do most of my own cooking and I really don't like cooking.   I'd miss my daughter who makes me laugh when she tells me stories of what her and her friends get up to at school or the silly things that happen to them.  I'd miss her piano playing which I love.   I'd miss the son cause he shows me funny stuff online and can fix my computer for me when it is messed up.  Plus I really love those three goofs and don't think my life would be better without them.

I would like to delete the neighbours though.  Not all of them just the ones to the left of us.  The ones with the messy yard who are drug dealers.  I don't think I'd be too regretful about deleting them.  But then I'd worry that deleting people is like killing them and I could never do that so I'd just delete their house so they'd have to move and annoy some other people.   Once you start thinking of what you'd delete in your life you just can't stop.  It's an unhealthy occupation and one I'm not recommending.

So there's nothing better than having a blog cause it's the only safe place to vent and delete stuff.  You can't do that in real life and get away with it too often.  And that's why I like blogging.  What?  You never asked?


That's as good a reason to blog as any! Some days I'd love to have a big ol' Delete Button too.
Sparkless said…
Debra, we all need a delete button in our lives. Plus an edit button so we can go back and correct stuff like I just did on my post. I always miss some stupid typo no matter how many times I reread my posts.

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