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Waiting to Hear

We are still waiting to hear how my mom's surgery went.  Visiting hours don't start until 2pm so I'm patiently waiting until then.  While I wait I decided to finally try some Kombucha tea I bought.  I'm not sure if I like this stuff or not.  It has a kind of nasty after bite to it.  Plus it left my stomach feeling a bit off like I drank vinegar or something.  I only drank half the bottle and will wait to make sure I don't have any adverse reaction to it before attempting to drink the rest.  I've heard lots of great health claims about this stuff so wanted to give it a try.

And another thing I'm trying is Kefir.  I wasn't sure what it would be like but it's really just like runny yogurt.  I bought an unflavoured kind but I can see how it would be easy to add it to anything you eat.  It too has many great health claims.  When I researched it I found it has way more of those good bacterial cultures than yogurt so a little does you good.  As little as a…


My mom is having her hip replacement surgery tomorrow.  She will be 70 this June and is in good health otherwise so I'm sure the surgery will go well.  She will need a lot of help afterwards because they send them home three nights after surgery.  The poor patient has to set their home up like a hospital with special walkers, toilet raiser, bars in the bath etc.  They even had to learn to change her dressing themselves.  When I say them I mean both my mom and dad because my dad will be the one helping my mom at home.  I don't know why they can't send a nurse in to at least do a couple of bandage changes and make sure things are going okay.

My sisters and I are making plans to help out my dad by going up and cleaning the house.  My mom already has a bunch of meals in the freezer and my dad can cook a few meals himself but we'll bring some extra ones up and generally try to take the stress off him a bit.  We are all a bit nervous and worried for my mom.  It's a big s…

Green Stuff

Stay tuned for some pictures of what we have growing in our yard.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow I'm going out and taking some pictures because I actually saw some some bulbs were poking their green shoots up out of the garden today.   It was raining though so I didn't want to bring my camera outside and try to get pictures.   I really need to get outside and scoop up the cat poop too.  The one cat we have has no problem just pooping on the lawn or in the snow if there isn't a garden she can dig in.  I guess it's better to scoop it outside than have to scoop it out of a cat box inside.  Yup, that's way better.

Here's a summer picture from one of our local parks just to remind you all that spring will be here soon.

The Older I Get the More I Cry

Why is that?  When I was younger there wasn't much that brought me to tears but now I find myself tearing up at everything.  Could it be that life experiences make one more emotional? 

I found myself sobbing today at my keyboard after reading about a young man who was growing up.  Not a particularly sad story just one about a young man who was growing up.  I couldn't help but think about my 15 year old son and how it's going to feel when he leaves home.  Then I got thinking about him when he was a baby and I just started to sob. 

I'm not one of those mom's who want to hang onto her kids and keep them little, I actually love to see them grow up.  I'm excited for them to learn and grow and their firsts are just about as exciting for me as they are for them.  But there are some days when I'm caught off guard.  It's those times that I'm not sure why I'm crying.  I'm not sad, I'm not upset I just cry.  It's all those emotions of love, pri…

Let the Poop Wars Begin!

I've turned the calendar and it's March now even though technically February still have another hour in it.  I'm not going to complain about the snow or the cold cause I know we have a few more months of all sorts of ups and downs to go.  Why complain about getting a surprise every day?

Unfortunately for us we have to get a 2 week Spring break smack in the middle of March.  Now that sounds good until you realize the weather is not good in March so you don't get to go to the beach or outside much.  Since we have no money we can't travel anywhere fun nor do we have extra money to just go and do stuff around home.  These two weeks drag by and I can't imagine how poor parents who work and have to pay for daycare must feel about it.  Stupid school board thinks it's saving money but really they are just messing with our kids lives.  After two weeks they take a week to get settled back into learning and have to relearn some things that they have already learned. …