Let the Poop Wars Begin!

 I've turned the calendar and it's March now even though technically February still have another hour in it.  I'm not going to complain about the snow or the cold cause I know we have a few more months of all sorts of ups and downs to go.  Why complain about getting a surprise every day?

Unfortunately for us we have to get a 2 week Spring break smack in the middle of March.  Now that sounds good until you realize the weather is not good in March so you don't get to go to the beach or outside much.  Since we have no money we can't travel anywhere fun nor do we have extra money to just go and do stuff around home.  These two weeks drag by and I can't imagine how poor parents who work and have to pay for daycare must feel about it.  Stupid school board thinks it's saving money but really they are just messing with our kids lives.  After two weeks they take a week to get settled back into learning and have to relearn some things that they have already learned.  And that five minutes you've added to each day to make up for the extra week of spring break, well that's just dumb.  My kids can learn more in a week of school that the wasted five minutes of school.

I started this post at the end of Feb but just got back to it now.  I see I was started on a rant about the school and our gov't.  I think I'll just stop there.

We've been getting snow off and on the past few days but it melts just after it snows.  So it's all nice and lovely and white and then a day later it's all dirty and poopy again.  Oh, speaking of poop, the husband was none too pleased today to find the neighbour's dog in our yard again and he left a nice big stinky present.  The husband went over to the neighbours house to ask them once again to keep their dog in their own yard but they didn't answer their door.  So he scooped the poop and deposited it into their yard!  LOL!  Let the poop wars begin!

I'll make sure my camera is charged because there is sure to be something I'll need to document soon.  I told the husband to take pictures of the dogs each time they came in the yard and mark it on the calender.  To take pictures of the poop and mark how many times he has to scoop it out of our yard.  Once he can document clearly that these dogs are not being kept in their own yard and are freely roaming the neighbourhood then it may be time for some action.  I was just thinking that these dogs probably aren't licensed either.  I think you need a dog license to have a dog within city limits so I'll have to check that out too.  These stupid people have three dogs and I bet none of them are licensed or have had their shots or anything.  Grrrr!  Nothing makes me madder than bad pet owners.


Erin said…
I can't stand bad pet owners, either! When the gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog from the crack house down the street showed up in my front yard dehydrated and starving dragging a picket fence partition from his chain I kept him - named him Picket and he was the best dog ever, hehehe... we had him for 8 wonderful years! I think Spring Break is ridiculous, too, they should just let them out earlier in the summer.

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