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I just saw there were 476 page views of this blog last month.  Now who the heck is reading this mind dribble?  I only have 8 followers so unless all 8 of them feel the need to obsessively read this blog over and over I'm wondering who is out there.  I never really thought anyone would read this blog. 

Thanks for reading all you anonymous people and to my 8 hard core subscribers, you are the best readers ever!   I'll try to be more amusing or at least spell correctly, but then again probably not gonna happen so just expect more of the same with a picture now and again for special fun.   Don't want to start making promises I can't keep to people I don't know.

Stressfull Week

The son finally got in to see a mental health person after his Dr's appointment.  The woman who does the assessments is a bit of a flake though.  She tried to make his appointment for a day that we could not come in due to it being the daughter's birthday and the son had to make a presentation after school.  Because he is out of school most of this week due to exams I made the appointment for today.  This woman only works here Mondays and Fridays and only till 4pm.  I figured it worked out well because he could come see her in the day Monday.

Last Monday she phones and asks us why the son wasn't at his appointment.  I'd have said it's because it is for the following Monday but I just told her there must have been some misunderstanding and apologized even though I knew it was her mistake.  I would not have made his appointment for that Monday.  I even remember confirming the date and time because it's something I always do when I make appointments.  She also gav…

Ghosts On My Screen

My night vision security camera's night vision has gone weird.  There are round blue halos and now a couple of long blue lines that move up and down on the screen every so slightly.  The blue halos turned up first and I thought they were just water on the lens that would dry up.  That didn't happen and now there is the two blue moving lines. 

The husband said the lines are probably just spider webs but it's winter and the spiders aren't spinning webs out there.  And what are the blue halos from?  He didn't have an answer but said the lens must be dirty.  I hope that's all it is and that he gets his rear up the ladder to fix the problem.

Nothing worse than getting a gift, just starting to really enjoy it and then having it poop out on you.  The husband has to work tomorrow but he's off around 2pm so unless the weather is bad he's going up that ladder to figure out what the problem is.  Why buy something that won't work properly.  If it's broken w…

Mrs. Brown

I'm not sure how I stumbled over this BBC comedy called "Mrs. Brown's Boys" but it is worth a watch.  It does have lots of racy language and is for adults only but it's not what you think.  It's a comedy about a woman who raised 6 kids, 5 boys and one girl on her own. 

There's a long back story about the man who plays Mrs. Brown, yes I said it's a man who plays a woman.   If you enjoy low brow kind of humor you'll probably get a laugh out of Mrs. Brown's Boys.  I knew the husband would enjoy this show because the first one I saw had Mrs Brown in the loo after a curry supper.  There was air freshener involved, spray glue and someone's face got glued to the other ones knickers (undies for us in North America).  Toilet humor is the husbands fave type of comedy but then he works in the hospital in extended care so it's pretty much what he does all day long.

We downloaded a bunch and had a chuckle watching them tonight so I just thought I&#…

Blue Screen

When the freezing rain hits my security camera not only does it make a pinging sound it leaves a blue ghost image on the screen until the water evaporates.  I fooled the kids tonight telling them there was a ghost outside and look at the blue outline!  They even went outside to check things out.  They couldn't see anything on the camera and were very curious to what was causing the blue image.

The son figured it out when he saw the sleet on the screen coming down.  He said my ghost was nothing more than water on the night vision lens.  Oh well, I had them going for a bit.  It's so much harder to fool them now than when they were little. 

Maybe I'll get up in the middle of the night and try to scare them by pretending to be a ghost.  Naw, what kind of a nut job would get up in the middle of the night and disturb a good nights rest?  Even I'm not that crazy.  Don't all agree with me at once....

We got a couple days of snow and it was looking good out there and now it…


We may have about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground now.  It's been snowing the last day or so but it's heavy damp snow so that could melt quickly if the weather turns warm.  The forecast actually is saying that it is going to rain later in the week so it will be good bye snow.   For now I love looking outside and seeing everything all white and fresh looking.

The husband got me security cameras for Christmas.  He put one up and it has night vision and sound on it.  I can sit and play on the computer and see what is happening outside.  Like right now I just saw and heard the plow go by.  I'm not sure why they are plowing now when that only makes the road really icy.  I can also see it's snowing cause there are blue streaks falling on the screen.  I no longer have to get up and peer out the curtains every 15 minutes to see what that noise was or who's outside gunning their engine.  I can now see all these things.

Earlier tonight around 12am I saw a guy ride by on a b…

Canada Controls the Weather

Yup, you heard me right, Canada controls the weather.  If you piss us off we send all our stunningly cold weather your way.  Take for instance now, why did we send our cold weather down to the US you ask?  Well, just because we can.

People in Canada are walking around in flip flops and shorts and laughing.  We don't have to wear our parkas or mukluks or dog sled to work because we sent our cold weather down to the US.  Of course because we live in Canada we are used to the biting cold weather because Canada is snowy and frozen pretty much all year round.  But since we control the weather we decided why not just for now get rid of it for a bit.  It will confuse all those people who believe in global warming and be great fun.

I think I'll lay out in the back yard and get a tan after I send all my cold weather down to Spokane for the day.  It's great to be able to control the weather.