Ghosts On My Screen

My night vision security camera's night vision has gone weird.  There are round blue halos and now a couple of long blue lines that move up and down on the screen every so slightly.  The blue halos turned up first and I thought they were just water on the lens that would dry up.  That didn't happen and now there is the two blue moving lines. 

The husband said the lines are probably just spider webs but it's winter and the spiders aren't spinning webs out there.  And what are the blue halos from?  He didn't have an answer but said the lens must be dirty.  I hope that's all it is and that he gets his rear up the ladder to fix the problem.

Nothing worse than getting a gift, just starting to really enjoy it and then having it poop out on you.  The husband has to work tomorrow but he's off around 2pm so unless the weather is bad he's going up that ladder to figure out what the problem is.  Why buy something that won't work properly.  If it's broken we need to find out and send it back before the warranty expires.  The husband is notoriously bad about not bothering to return things that are broken or don't work properly.

I guess I better get my mind onto something more important like my daughter's 16th birthday this coming Monday.  We need to figure out what cake we are making and if we are having family over that night or on the weekend before.  If we are having people over I need to move tons of things and clean stuff.  It's always a major pain to have more than 2 people over because there just isn't enough room here.  We only have seats for 5 people in our living room.  We have to bring in the kitchen chairs and use the foot stools for seating.  Everyone is crammed in shoulder to shoulder but at least no one stays long.   You can tell by the look in their eyes that are wondering how quickly they can make their get away without seeming rude.  I don't blame them, cause most days I'd like to do the same but I actually live here.

My grass is visible now.  We have barely any snow cover and the forecast is for above freezing temps.  I guess we're having one of those snowless winters.  Oh well, there's always hope for next year.


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