Blue Screen

When the freezing rain hits my security camera not only does it make a pinging sound it leaves a blue ghost image on the screen until the water evaporates.  I fooled the kids tonight telling them there was a ghost outside and look at the blue outline!  They even went outside to check things out.  They couldn't see anything on the camera and were very curious to what was causing the blue image.

The son figured it out when he saw the sleet on the screen coming down.  He said my ghost was nothing more than water on the night vision lens.  Oh well, I had them going for a bit.  It's so much harder to fool them now than when they were little. 

Maybe I'll get up in the middle of the night and try to scare them by pretending to be a ghost.  Naw, what kind of a nut job would get up in the middle of the night and disturb a good nights rest?  Even I'm not that crazy.  Don't all agree with me at once....

We got a couple days of snow and it was looking good out there and now it's raining with a bit of sleet.  Most of the new snow is melted and the roads are back to wet, no compact snow at all.  If this keeps up it's going to be a green winter cause the lawn will be visible.

I'm off to bed now because I have to make sure the son gets up to go to the grad bottle drive.  He needs to make sure he does 30 volunteer hours to graduate and so far he has less than 5.  Oh, and these all have to be done by April with documentation that he has done them and a written essay on what he learned.

I'm still in shock that they can make my child do 30 hours of work for free before they will give him a diploma even if he passes all his classes.  There is something about making people do work for free that rubs me the wrong way.  And 30 hours is almost a full week of work so even though I do believe kids should volunteer for things they believe in I don't think they should be made to do it to graduate from high school.  

I'll probably dream of blue ghosts all night and not sleep well at all.  That will serve me right for trying to scare the kids.  LOL!


Mama Pea said…
I assume the school is attempting to expose the kids to the act of volunteering . . . hoping they'll experience some of the benefits and think about doing that type of thing as adults. I had never heard of it as a requirement for graduation before though.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, it wasn't a requirement when I graduated from the same school. We did something else called Community Recreation where we fundraised for different charities so I guess it was a type of volunteering but it was a class we took. You have to do these 30 hours of time on your own time on top of a full course load.

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