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Still Here

I'm still here along with 8 or more unfinished draft posts.  I'm not having trouble writing I'm having trouble finishing.  So this will just be a quick one to let you know I'm still here and reading your blogs too.

Nothing exciting going on.  I did see a bear walk by the other night.  It was late and I saw him on the security camera one night when I was up because I couldn't sleep.  We had heard there was a bear around but you never really expect to see one walking down the street, crossing the road, walk in front of your car and then sauntering off down the sidewalk like he belongs.  I'm always amazed no matter how many times I see one.

Our yard is a mess.  I have no energy or whatever it is I need to go out there and do something about all those weeds.  The roses have all gone wild and need to be pruned way back.  I really need to get out there before the weeds take over and then I'll never get anything done.

The weather is spring here.  We had an early s…