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And the Heavens Opened Up!

And rained down so hard it sounded like someone was pounding on our house.  It was so dark this morning I couldn't believe it was morning.  We had heavy rain warnings so we knew it was coming.  The night before last the rain had come and the lightening show was impressive.  I couldn't sleep at all but the rest of the family missed it.

This morning the rain thundered down all morning which led to some flooding.  The street just up from us flooded.  People were out clearing the storm drains.  A big mud slide closed a local highway and the road up to the hospital had some water issues, mainly a stream was running down it.

You see our hospital is built on a bench.  Along a big river are benches or flat areas.  There aren't many flat areas to build here unless you take a chunk out of a mountain.  So they build the hospital up on a bench thinking that was a good place for it because it would never get flooded.  Back then the mighty Columbia river flooded often.  Now there are so…


That's what I feel like, a sardine.  I just spend several hours sitting in a seat where my knees were mashed into the seat in front of me.  It's not like I'm a tall person, only 5'5" so I can't even imagine how uncomfortable taller people would be in those seats. 

And why were you sitting in those tiny seats you ask?  I was sitting in our local arena watching my niece graduate from grade 12.  I think there was only about 100-150 kids who graduated this year.  Each year the numbers go down.  Our town is quickly becoming a town of retired people.  Sad really and not because I don't like retired people but because a thriving community needs a good balance of people both young and old.

The daughter who is 14 this year wondered how many would be in her graduation class and I laughingly said that most likely there would be more dignitaries and teachers than students because there almost is right now!

And gone are the school bands and choirs.  Not enough kids sig…

Just a Little One

Is there such thing as a little lie?  My kids think there is and I have no idea where they got that idea.  I taught them to not hurt someones feelings was okay as long as you tried to stay as close to the truth as possible.  Like when someone asks you out to an event you have no interest in attending so you tell them you are busy that night and can't make it.  That kind of lie is the only lie I've told my kids was acceptable.  I'm sure there are other ones but why confuse kids with more than one?

The wonderful son has had his video games taken away from him for awhile now.  The husband and I only let him play them for a limited amount of time.  He can't seem to understand that he's addicted to them and will pretty much hole up in his bedroom playing games all day every day if we let him. We've talked to him calmly about why this is not a good thing etc, etc.  He agrees with us and then when we tell him his time is up on games and he needs to do something else h…

And the Rain Came

The rain came and came and came.  It's been a long time since it's rained this hard for so many days here.  The forecast is for more rain.  Our house is so damp I feel like I want to throw all my clothes in the dryer before putting them on.  Nothing seems to dry out when you have a house without proper insulation and a dirt crawlspace.

The sun has peeked out a few times but I keep missing it.  As soon as I get myself organized to go outside it's gone back behind the clouds and the rain comes again.  The cats are not happy especially the younger one. He wants to go out and play but when he sees the rain he stops and comes back inside only to scratch back at the door a few minutes later wanting to go outside.  I'm mean and end up tossing him out there anyway.  A little rain won't kill him but I just might if he keeps annoying the heck out of me.

The kids have a couple of weeks left of school.  The husband is making less money than last year and every time I sit down …