And the Rain Came

The rain came and came and came.  It's been a long time since it's rained this hard for so many days here.  The forecast is for more rain.  Our house is so damp I feel like I want to throw all my clothes in the dryer before putting them on.  Nothing seems to dry out when you have a house without proper insulation and a dirt crawlspace.

The sun has peeked out a few times but I keep missing it.  As soon as I get myself organized to go outside it's gone back behind the clouds and the rain comes again.  The cats are not happy especially the younger one. He wants to go out and play but when he sees the rain he stops and comes back inside only to scratch back at the door a few minutes later wanting to go outside.  I'm mean and end up tossing him out there anyway.  A little rain won't kill him but I just might if he keeps annoying the heck out of me.

The kids have a couple of weeks left of school.  The husband is making less money than last year and every time I sit down to do a budget and try to save for future debts there just isn't enough money.  I'm not sure how we manage.  I guess the maxed credit card and small line of credit are what saves our butts every time.  I wish I had some positive things to post about but all this rain is getting me down.  I'd like a bit of sun before it gets too hot to enjoy.  Spring and Fall are the best times of the year because it's not too hot or too cold to go outside and enjoy it.

I feel like a deflated balloon today.  I sure could use a holiday or even a night out or at least a change of scenery.  I'm in this house looking at these four walls way too much.  Who would guess I'm slightly claustrophobic living in such a small house?

I'm still not sure if the son will pass his math class or not but I guess it will be what it will be.  If he passes then next year we'll make sure he stays on top of his class and doesn't get behind.  I'm not sure why that is my job cause he's 16 but I guess I still have some teaching to do cause he hasn't learned how to do the work.  It's not like he couldn't do the work or he's not smart enough it's he's incredibly lazy and that drives me nuts.  Soon it won't be my problem though because he'll be an adult and then he will have the full consequences of life on is shoulders and all I can say is I tried my best to give him some sense of work ethic.

The daughter is doing rather well.  She has taken her health seriously and is making an effort to eat more fruit and veggies.  And she wants to start jogging when school is out because she won't have PE anymore.  The husband says he'll run with her or ride his bike while she runs if his shins bother him.  It's not easy to run when you are 49 years old but for a 14 year old the world is your oyster!

What I'd like right now is a holiday and some money or a job so that we aren't running short every month.  What I'm grateful for is my family, my health and my cats who make me smile every day.  Stupid old fat orange cat won't leave me alone and follows me around until I pat her or give her a treat.  I think I'd be lost without that cat.  The young cat talks to the birds through the window and no matter how many times I see him do it it always makes me laugh.  I'm going to keep trying to see my blessings and maybe all the cruddy stuff won't matter so much.


Erin said…
Still sorry to hear that your son is giving you trouble, but it sounds like your daughter has a good head on her shoulders and won't have the same troubles. i hope your weather brightens soon, days on end of that icky stuff can really get you down. We all need rain but we need the sun to come out promptly afterwards!!

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