That's what I feel like, a sardine.  I just spend several hours sitting in a seat where my knees were mashed into the seat in front of me.  It's not like I'm a tall person, only 5'5" so I can't even imagine how uncomfortable taller people would be in those seats. 

And why were you sitting in those tiny seats you ask?  I was sitting in our local arena watching my niece graduate from grade 12.  I think there was only about 100-150 kids who graduated this year.  Each year the numbers go down.  Our town is quickly becoming a town of retired people.  Sad really and not because I don't like retired people but because a thriving community needs a good balance of people both young and old.

The daughter who is 14 this year wondered how many would be in her graduation class and I laughingly said that most likely there would be more dignitaries and teachers than students because there almost is right now!

And gone are the school bands and choirs.  Not enough kids sign up for them so the high school no longer has any.  When I went to this school there were so many choirs and bands that the husband was in three different bands and there was at least 6 or more choirs.  It's not a huge school or area but back then there were lots of kids.  Now there's just lots of old retired people.  

Retired people are okay but now there aren't any activities for kids.  Schools are closing and the life seems to have gone out of out town a bit.  I wish more young families would move back into the area and spice things up a bit.  Unfortunately there are few jobs and the jobs there are aren't paying enough for people to live on.  This means that all those graduates today will move out of the area, go to school and most likely never come back.

But then I think maybe that's a good thing?  It would be nice to keep this area small town and we could keep our beautiful mountains and streams without garbage and development.  It's nice to not have to worry about traffic or crime (not saying we don't have crime here just not much compared to larger areas).  I can go for a hike and not see another person.   Yup, you don't want to live here where the water is fresh,  the sky is clear and you can see wild animals every day in their natural habitats (not just the crazy neighbours in their underwear).  I'm going to enjoy that treasure and hope that this area stays a secret paradise for a long time yet.


Erin said…
NO BAND?! As a former marching band geek I am sad for this! You are right, a town really needs a mix and needs the young people with the guts and no sense of risk assessment to be brave enough to jump in and open businesses, etc. It's so nice when there is a good mix of generations to make it all work but nobody seems loyal to the community they were raised in anymore.
Sparkless said…
Erin, I was in choir. I'm sad that my kids don't have the choice to be in band or choir. It's not loyalty to community it's lack of jobs. There are few jobs here so most of the kids who grad here don't come back after they get their post secondary educations.

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