And the Heavens Opened Up!

And rained down so hard it sounded like someone was pounding on our house.  It was so dark this morning I couldn't believe it was morning.  We had heavy rain warnings so we knew it was coming.  The night before last the rain had come and the lightening show was impressive.  I couldn't sleep at all but the rest of the family missed it.

This morning the rain thundered down all morning which led to some flooding.  The street just up from us flooded.  People were out clearing the storm drains.  A big mud slide closed a local highway and the road up to the hospital had some water issues, mainly a stream was running down it.

You see our hospital is built on a bench.  Along a big river are benches or flat areas.  There aren't many flat areas to build here unless you take a chunk out of a mountain.  So they build the hospital up on a bench thinking that was a good place for it because it would never get flooded.  Back then the mighty Columbia river flooded often.  Now there are so many dams on it flooding isn't a problem.  The small creeks coming off the mountains are now the problem.

There is a creek near the top of the hill where the hospital is built.  The creek runs into a culvert but when that much water is coming down for that long no culvert can hold that much water and it runs over onto the road.  This doesn't happen often but about every 5 years or so we have some minor issues.  If there were any emergencies it would be difficult to get up to the hospital and so they are talking about putting an alternate road up to the hospital.  This will of course cost lots of money and involve buying houses to demolish to make way for the road.  It's been talked about for years but has never been done.

My husband works at the hospital as a nurses aide.  He frantically called today asking if our house was okay?  I told him everything was fine, why was he asking?  He said he had heard that there was lots of flooding down where we live and some downtown too.  Our street was fine but the one just up from us had the drains blocked and the water was running down the street and over the curb like a river!  If our garage wasn't there I could see where this corner is from our backyard it's that close.  I'm counting our lucky stars that our drains stayed open and the water drained off the street like it was supposed to although a bit sluggishly because of the sheer quantity.

They say there are supposed to be more thundershowers tonight.  We don't believe them because around supper time it cleared up and the sun came out.  And when I went outside at 8pm the sky was almost totally clear.  I can't tell if it's clear now because of all the fog from all the moisture in the air.

The garden isn't looking good.  At one point I had to pour the water off the top of the tub we had planted some lettuce in because the poor lettuce plants were swimming in all that water.  The rain was coming down so hard it couldn't drain fast enough.  The tomatoes look haggard.  The carrots look okay but they are still just less than an inch high.  I'm afraid to look too closely at anything else but I did see the lavender is in blooming and I can't wait to get out there and trim some to make lavender wands.

Funny thing is the forecast is for a hotter and dryer than normal summer.  It's not starting out that way at all.

I'm not sure how I'll sleep tonight.  Every sound is going to wake me up as we wait for the next round.  I'll be up with my flashlight lurking around checking the ceiling for leaks and watching the drains if it starts to rain.  Weather can be very exciting and exhausting.


Erin said…
Hey I learned a new word now, bench! Or a new meaning anyways :) We are lucky to not have mud here, we get tons of severe weather especially in the late afternoons when it is so hot but luckily it's all sand here so no mudslides! Glad your house wasn't in its path!

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