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How Rude!

My In-Laws came for a visit today.  Lets just say they aren't my favorite people on the planet.  They only come for a visit when they have an appointment and never just come for a visit.  They seem to think we should visit them but my husband works every weekend so when exactly are we going to visit them?  We have kids who go to school and are in activities. 

FIL starts in about how cats are the worst pets and not companionable at all.  Ummm what?!!!  He seems to think insulting people who own cats and he is visiting is a good idea.  Then he goes off about how people are big whiners now and depend on air conditioning that they don't need.  We have air conditioning so WTF?!  He seems to think that global warming does not exist.  Stupid man!  We live in an area that is one of the hottest in BC although you'd never know it because there is no weather monitoring station.  He says he knows how hot it is where we live cause he grew up here.  Ya, that was over 65 years ago you st…

Do You Every Wonder

What the hell someone is thinking?  I wonder that all the time.  I wish I could read minds so I could stop wondering that.  It drives me nuts trying to figure out what other people have in their heads.  It's not like anything useful comes out most people's mouths.  Language seems to be a forgotten art form.  You sit down and try to have a conversation with someone and sooner or later you'll be wondering what they heck they really mean.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a mind reading button.  This button could be turned on when we are interested in really knowing what a person means.  Like you have a conversation with a coworker and find out their mom is struggling through cancer and they are worried and that's why they said something mean to Mr. Sean.  Or you find out that neighbour next door has mental problems and that's why their yard looks like a dump. 

It would make life so much easier if we didn't have to rely only on what comes out someones mouth,…


My comment marathon went okay although I didn't get through me entire list of blogs I follow.  I deleted a few of them when I saw that there had been no posts for 6months or more.  I found a few new blogs to follow though.  I even got a few wonderful comments on my blog.  Thanks ladies!

I can feel Fall in the air.  Last night I actually slept with covers on.  Most of the summer we just lay in our beds with no covers because it's too hot for them.  What a pleasure to slip into some nice crisp sheets and sleep without sweating all night.

My daughter is off for the week to a friends house.  This friend moved away a year ago and every summer they invite someone to come visit.  The daughter got to go 3 hours away from home and stay from Sunday to Friday.  I'm sure she'll have a blast.  Lucky kid!

That means I'm left at home most days with the son who pretty much won't do anything but play video games unless you threaten him with death or mutilation of his game syste…

What to do?

I'm all alone in my house, no one but me!  The husband is at work, the daughter is gone to a lake with a friend until Friday, the son is at a friends house.  Just me and the two cats.

In these situations I always think I should do something fun but then I start thinking of things and there are so many and so little time.  I usually end up doing a few chores and sitting and reading or take a nap.  Nothing exciting in that.

I could start a load of laundry and set up a lawn chair in the shade to read.  I'll make a nice glass of iced tea and do that.  At least that's settled or I'd waste all my free time trying to figure out what to do.

Here's a pic of our fat orange cat. 

Here's a pic of the kitten sleeping in a chair.

Here's a pic of my kids hiking at a local lake this past weekend.

I'm Young Again!

I'm just like a little kid today.  My cold has turned into an ear infection and I get to take antibiotics and everything!  I remember a time when my kids would get sick and I'd not catch what they had or only be mildly ill.  Now I catch stuff from them and they get well in a few days and I'm sick enough to have to see a Dr.  Geez!  This getting older stuff is really starting to suck.

I am commenting on many of the blogs I read but so far only one comment on mine.  I'll keep at it though cause I'm finding it fun.  I've been reading many of these blogs for years and have never commented so I hope they enjoy seeing one of their readers come out of lurkdom.

I don't have a picture to post to go along with this and I'm really not feeling that well so I'm going to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow my ear will start feeling better.


I've set a goal to make a comment on every blog I follow within the next week.  Now this is a pretty daunting task as I follow well over a hundred blogs.  Most of the bloggers on my list don't post as often as I'd like them to though and some have taken a break much to my dismay.

I like to read what everyone else is up to.  I enjoy reading about other people's lives and how they handle things even if I don't agree with them I still respect and enjoy reading their words.

Also I will wean my blogs down after my comment-athon.  If a person hasn't posted anything in the last 6 months they are off my list.  And for everyone blog I drop I will find two new active ones to read.

And I will post a picture with at least every third post I make.  I know how much I enjoy seeing pictures on other blogs so I want to share the love.

It's gonna be fun!

And in the spirit of my new goals here is a picture of a rock in our yard that the husband painted a bear on.  We also have…

The Crap is Gonna Hit the Fan!

The board that I'm a member of just voted for a change that has me feeling very uncomfortable.  I'm not sure how it's going to go over or if it's going to cause more problems than it is going to fix.  Right now there are a few new board members and one disgruntled one who has her own agenda and likes to be a bitch to everyone.  All the past board members were very quiet and the newbies were all for this change except for this one woman who brought the whole thing to the board's attention. 

So only time will tell if there is going to be a problem or not.  I've got my fingers crossed that it's a solution and not a problem but from what I can tell the woman we hired doesn't play well with others.  She was actually the one who told us this so it's not a ringing endorsement for a new hire even if this new hire is a volunteer.  I have a sinking feeling this is all going to go over like a lead balloon.

Death in the Family

The hamster took her final breath the other day.  She lived a long full life and it was her time but I was sad to see her go.  She was a really good hamster.  So now I have to change my title line.  Up one kitten and down one hamster.

RIP Sheena, Aug 2, 2010

On and On and On.......

This renovation is taking too long!  I want it all done yesterday.  Why is the husband dragging his feet on the final touches?  If he just concentrated for a day or two on getting it all done it would be done and we could move on to the bathroom renovation.

The board I'm on is driving me insane.  The people on this board are a bunch of nut cases.  I would drone on and on about it but it would take way too long to explain so I'll just say these people are a bunch of nuts and I wish my daughter would take another sport so I could dump this board and get away from these nuts soon. 

Things in my life have pretty much come to a full stop.  I feel like I'm hanging around for something but I don't know what.  I do the chores and take care of the kids.  I work on the renovation.  I do whatever needs to get done but something is lacking.  Life has lost it's lustre.  And thus my name Sparkless. 

Dr Oz from tv had a person on his show today who felt the same way.  She is goin…