Do You Every Wonder

What the hell someone is thinking?  I wonder that all the time.  I wish I could read minds so I could stop wondering that.  It drives me nuts trying to figure out what other people have in their heads.  It's not like anything useful comes out most people's mouths.  Language seems to be a forgotten art form.  You sit down and try to have a conversation with someone and sooner or later you'll be wondering what they heck they really mean.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a mind reading button.  This button could be turned on when we are interested in really knowing what a person means.  Like you have a conversation with a coworker and find out their mom is struggling through cancer and they are worried and that's why they said something mean to Mr. Sean.  Or you find out that neighbour next door has mental problems and that's why their yard looks like a dump. 

It would make life so much easier if we didn't have to rely only on what comes out someones mouth, don't you think so?

And since this is the third post I have to put a picture up so here it is.

This is to remind me to enjoy the final days of summer.


TheBlakkDuchess said…
Ugh... so not looking forward to snow... T_T

Thanks for popping by & lending words of encouragement. They were much appreciated! ^-^

I hope you're having a good week! ^-^
Sparkless said…
Welcome BlakkDuchess. I actually don't mind snow too much but who can resist sunny fall days?

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