I'm Young Again!

I'm just like a little kid today.  My cold has turned into an ear infection and I get to take antibiotics and everything!  I remember a time when my kids would get sick and I'd not catch what they had or only be mildly ill.  Now I catch stuff from them and they get well in a few days and I'm sick enough to have to see a Dr.  Geez!  This getting older stuff is really starting to suck.

I am commenting on many of the blogs I read but so far only one comment on mine.  I'll keep at it though cause I'm finding it fun.  I've been reading many of these blogs for years and have never commented so I hope they enjoy seeing one of their readers come out of lurkdom.

I don't have a picture to post to go along with this and I'm really not feeling that well so I'm going to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow my ear will start feeling better.


Capital Mom said…
Hope you feel better soon.

Apparently, commenting is down everywhere, or so I was told. Sometimes I just don't want to leave my reader. Or I am rushing too much to stop and comment.
Sparkless said…
I'm going to single handledly increase comments then! People should comment now and again or how the heck will you know anyone appreciates or hates your blog?
MarmiteToasty said…
Goodness I doubt there is much worst then an ear infections, oh ok maybe a toof abscess which I had 2 of over the past few months until I had the offending back toof out....

Im still here...... I know Ive had a break from blobbing for personal reasons but I just blobbing around to catch up with everyone first :)

Sparkless said…
Thankfully the meds cleared up my ear infection so I'm back to my usual 75%.
Marmite I hope your "personal reasons" get lost soon so you can get back to blogging. How dare those personal reasons get in the way of your blogging!! I'm outraged!

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