How Rude!

My In-Laws came for a visit today.  Lets just say they aren't my favorite people on the planet.  They only come for a visit when they have an appointment and never just come for a visit.  They seem to think we should visit them but my husband works every weekend so when exactly are we going to visit them?  We have kids who go to school and are in activities. 

FIL starts in about how cats are the worst pets and not companionable at all.  Ummm what?!!!  He seems to think insulting people who own cats and he is visiting is a good idea.  Then he goes off about how people are big whiners now and depend on air conditioning that they don't need.  We have air conditioning so WTF?!  He seems to think that global warming does not exist.  Stupid man!  We live in an area that is one of the hottest in BC although you'd never know it because there is no weather monitoring station.  He says he knows how hot it is where we live cause he grew up here.  Ya, that was over 65 years ago you stupid ass!  Things have gotten a bit hotter since then. 

What is wrong with people who show up at someones home and insult them for no reason?  If you don't want to come for a visit don't.  I'm sure your grand kids will be fine without your bad example of how to be guests in someones home.  One of the things my parents taught me was how to be a generous host who puts her guests at ease and how to be a good guest at some one's home.  I guess the IL's never learned those lessons.  Could be the reason they don't have many friends? 

Of course the husband just sits there and doesn't say anything to his dad.  It's okay for his dad to come to our home and insult us.  I've had it with these rude people!  There has been so many things they have done that are so unbelievably rude it would amaze and appall you.  They live in a trailer way off in the sticks.  FIL has all sorts of phobias and MIL can't drive a car even though she has a license.  These two are so messed up it's sad.  I just wish they would stop visiting us and go visit their daughter who lives in Sask. 

I know I'm not the only one with IL problems and certainly not the worst but today I just wanted to slap that man in the face and ask him to get out of my house.  He sits on my couch picking his ears and flicking his ear wax around my home.   Can you imagine someone doing that?  I can't even stomach thinking about it but I have to have this man in my house because the husband is too much of a weeny to say anything to him.

At least they never stay long, most likely because of FIL's phobias.  He has to get home and cut the grass is one of his all time favorite excuses about why they can't stay long.  LOL!  The new one is they have to do some grocery shopping and FIL doesn't like to drive when it gets dark.  Maybe he shouldn't be driving at all anymore, he's blind as a bat and is too afraid to see an eye Dr.  I wish the gov't would pay more attention to these elderly drivers.  After 70 they should be tested every couple of years and need both an eye test and a road test.  That sure would take a lot of those dangerous drivers off the road.


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