I've set a goal to make a comment on every blog I follow within the next week.  Now this is a pretty daunting task as I follow well over a hundred blogs.  Most of the bloggers on my list don't post as often as I'd like them to though and some have taken a break much to my dismay.

I like to read what everyone else is up to.  I enjoy reading about other people's lives and how they handle things even if I don't agree with them I still respect and enjoy reading their words.

Also I will wean my blogs down after my comment-athon.  If a person hasn't posted anything in the last 6 months they are off my list.  And for everyone blog I drop I will find two new active ones to read.

And I will post a picture with at least every third post I make.  I know how much I enjoy seeing pictures on other blogs so I want to share the love.

It's gonna be fun!

And in the spirit of my new goals here is a picture of a rock in our yard that the husband painted a bear on.  We also have a frog and he did an eagle for a friend.


Kate said…
In the spirit of this I am commenting on yours as I am terrible at commenting these days!

Kate xx
Sparkless said…
Kate glad to see you are still blogging. I get a good belly laugh out of your blog and have missed your posts.

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