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Halloween is for kids

At least that is what I thought but both my kids have taken off and I'm stuck doing all the Halloween stuff. Sheesh! I've carved a pumpkin, put out the graves in the front yard, got the porch cleaned off and got all the other Halloween stuff set up. I should have two helpers here today but they seem to think their friends are more important than their mom! When did that happen?

One child I'll forgive cause he's 13 now and thinks he's too old for trick'or treating. And in his defense I'd say anyone that saw his over 6 ft frame would think he was too. So now that he's too old to go out for candy or dress up in a costume he's gone over to a friend's house for a sleep-over. One kid down and one more to go.

The other one has her costume and did carve one of the pumpkins with me but right after took off to go play with her friends. The husband is of course at work and won't be home until late. I'll be dragging around with my daughter a…

Gate Night

When I was a kid on the night before Halloween all the older kids in our town would roam the streets soaping windows, throwing eggs, TP'ing houses or whatever mischief they could think up. I particularly remember this one Gate Night after my parents had just cut down a bunch of huge poplar trees that were in our front yard. My dad had worked many weekends digging out 4 or 5 big stumps. The stumps were sitting out there ready to be cut up or removed in some way. They were huge stumps. Stumps so big that it would take several strong men to move them. The only way my dad had got them out of the holes he dug was with a truck and a chain. The holes were all neatly filled in and I'm not sure how or when he was going to have these stumps removed from the yard.
Anyway a group of rowdy teens on Gate Night came by and decided it would be a great thing to move these stumps out to block the road. I remember peeking out the windows in fear as we watched these kids push and shov…

The crap hit the fan!

Seems this woman "Hitler" (this is a board member I complained about in a past post who I now refer to as Hitler) was offended at this past meeting. The real funny part is she was offended by something that happened when she wasn't even at the meeting. So someone had to tell her and put a bit of spin on what she was told. This someone is a paid employee and isn't even a board member. This someone is the one who is always stirring the pot and telling tales. If we could fire him we would!

So Hitler was offended and couldn't deal with it without letting everyone know about it in an e-mail. Then the offending party apologizes and says he will resign for fear of offending anyone else. Yes, I am dealing with adults here. Adults with the brains the size of peas and the social skills of baboons! No, I'm sorry baboons have better social skills than these people do so my apologies to all baboons.

Then the tattle teller composes an e-mail calling for calm heads a…

Still here

Well my head didn't explode but it almost did. My face got red several times and I had to take 10 deep breaths to keep the explosion from occurring but I still have my noggin this morning and although I'd like to say I feel all better, I don't. I still feel rather unsettled. I'm not used to this and I wonder if perimenopause is playing some mean trick with me. I'm usually a pretty calm reasonable person, really I am. It's just that yesterday it all got to me, every little stinking thing was bothering me. No idea why, nothing really happened.

I think I'm just going to take some more time and be extra nice to myself since no one else is going to do it. So last night I went out and bought myself a beautiful scented candle. I'm lighting it every night and going to count my blessings even though I can't think of many right now. I'll keep reminding myself that at least I have my health and don't live in one of those developing countries w…


I'm having a melt down right now. I'm so fed up with everything. My life really, really, really, really sucks. I have a sheet for a wall, no privacy, no closet for my clothes, my clothes have to be kept in piles around my room cause there is stuff in front of my too small dresser. I sleep on a futon, I SLEEP ON A FREAKING FUTON!!!!!! My back is killing me. I can't move around without pain so I'm getting fatter. I didn't think it would be possible but it is, I'm getting fatter. We live in an absolute dump. I can't even get dressed in my own bedroom and have to get dressed in the bathroom every day. Everything in our house either doesn't work properly or is broken. We have no money and that stress alone is enough to give me anxiety attacks. My stupid husband is oblivious to the facts and lives his life in a fantasy land where only his wants and needs are ever met. I haven't had a hair cut in over a year. My hair really needs to be color…

Now you can see the snow!

Here it is the first snow pictures. You can kind of see the snow is still coming down in the pictures and how the grass is white with the snow.

I'll take some more pictures if it gets prettier. I just love it when the snow gives everything a pretty white coat, don't you?

What a View!

I just looked out my kitchen window to see this. Yes that is the neighbour's mess and not mine. You can't really see that it's snowing but I thought I'd share what a horrible view we have out our kitchen window.

And since that isn't bad enough here's another view. Take note of the nice new patio chairs that they have just brought out right before winter. And notice the nice fence for the dogs. What they are doing with the birch logs I have no idea. Maybe it's their way to be artistic? Either way it looks horrible and we have to look out onto it daily. We've taken to closing our blinds. Sad cause that's the only window in the kitchen and we really need the light.

I have no idea why they put a fence in the middle of their yard. They said it was for the dogs. I think it's to hide the mess behind the fence although it doesn't do it very well. They used old pallets for the fence wood so you can imagine how well it's going to stand up over t…

Rainy day

It's been pouring rain here since yesterday. It finally feels like winter is approaching fast. We may even see some snow by the end of the week. Of course it will only be a light dusting of snow and will melt almost as fast as it falls so don't get your panties in a twist.

I'm calling today "Make My Day Monday." Why? Well why not? Monday is one of those days everyone hates cause it's back to school and back to work but for me it's me time. I'm sitting in my jammies still enjoying the quiet of the house. I've got exactly 6.5 hours before the kids come home. I can do anything I want! Well not quite anything but I've got all that time to do what I chose when I chose it.

So Mondays are good days for me. I should do laundry or clean something but it's dark and gloomy out and my husband just came home from his night shift. He's already up in bed snoring away. Maybe I'll join him there and grab a few more hours of sleep. Naw I…


Looks like the H1N1 vaccination will be available here early November. Of course by that time the virus will be in full swing and it takes 10 days for your immunity to build up after the shot not to mention it's only 90% effective. So I wonder should I get the dang thing or not?

They will also be offering the regular flu shot at the same time. I usually get the flu shot every year. The only reason I started getting the flu shot was when my kids were little I got really sick with the flu but of course had to look after a baby and a toddler. I remember laying on the kitchen floor to keep from passing out and my toddler screaming in the living room and the baby screaming in the baby swing. All I wanted to do was lay down and die but with two little kids to look after that just wasn't going to happen. There was dirty diapers to change, mouths to feed and babies to amuse. Mom's deserve to have sick time too but never get it so I figure the flu shot is the best way to …


I'm still mulling over whether to buy a new camera or not. I know I'd like one but I don't want anymore debt. Of course we use a camera often so it wouldn't be a waste of money. I wish I could just make a decision and be done with it. Is there something about getting older that means we can't decide anything anymore. And why the heck can't I type the 'n' before the 'g' anymore. I keep having to go back and correct that. ACK!

I'm pretty convinced that the Canon is my camera. All reviews are pointing to that one. It's a Canon SLR and I would look so cool taking pictures with one of those, like I actually knew what I was doing. Maybe my pictures would be better too.

I still need to make some more jelly. I wonder how long the grape juice will keep in the fridge? I'm getting so lazy in my old age and making jelly just seems like so much work. I know I've got the juice, the jars and now I just need to do a bit of work and…


I'm determined to take a good picture of my stupid cat. I've never got a single good shot of this cat. I blame it on the camera. This camera takes so long for the shutter to click that the cat always moves and the shot is blown. Then there's the torture we've inflicted on the kids over the last 5 years making them sit with contorted smiles on their faces for what seems like hours to them just to get one good picture which of course we never get.

I'm the mom who always goes to all her kids activities but never has a single good picture to show for it. I'm always way too far away or on the wrong side of the stage for taking pictures. The camera runs out of battery power or the lighting is bad. I'm so ready for a nice new camera.

Do you think anyone would notice if I just bought one of those nice new digital Canon cameras on my Sears card for $600? I don't have cash to buy anything but I've always got a credit card... I know it's a slippery s…


Weekends are long and boring when you're home alone with the kids. You're either driving them someplace or picking them up. Or you're home cause they're at a friend's and if you go anywhere you'll have to phone the parents of the friend and tell them you are going out and that's too much like asking them to babysit. So I've sat at home all day bored out of my mind.

Sure I could be cleaning something but no one is gonna die cause I'm a lazy cow. I almost went and bought some booze to amuse myself with but then thought better of it cause I've got all day tomorrow to get through. Don't need a hangover too.

I don't have any good books to read right now. The local library is not open on weekends. Can you believe that? What library isn't open on the weekend when lots of people want to go there? Stupid cost cutting measures in our small town that's why. Grrrrrrr!

The kids are watching Monster House. I wonder how many hours of…

I've got eyes everywhere!

My son went to a friends house to sleep over tonight so my daughter had a friend sleep over here. The girls decided to sleep in my son's room cause he has a double bed that they can share. But my son has a hamster. A hamster who likes to be up and noisy at night. So the poor hamster is banished to the bathroom for the night with everyone getting instructed to keep the bathroom door closed so the cat doesn't get in and get the hamster. I'm not sure how the cat could open the cage but those cats can be tricksy creatures so I'm not taking any chances.

The girls saw a movie tonight too "Where the Wild Things Are". They both said it was very strange but seemed to have enjoyed it. I was going to go with them but decided that since it was a kids movie and I'm tired that the combination would have me nodding off and snoring. Thus causing deep distress and embarrassment to both myself and my daughter. So we dropped the girls off and came back later to coll…


You know how some people will read at night to help put themselves to sleep? Well the exact opposite happens to me when I read at night. I just can't put the book down and by the time I take a minute to look at the clock it's 2:30am!

So as you can imagine after getting up at 6:30am (shudder) I am only half awake today. But the best part of my day is going to be after my son leaves for school. I'll be crawling back into bed. Yup, nothing better than being able to get back into bed when you've been up half the night reading.

Or I could read some more.... better not chance it. I'll be up all day too then!

Thursday, already?!

Where did this week go? And speaking of where did the week go did you realize it's already October 15th? Where did the month go? Sheesh the older you get the faster life speeds by. Why is that? It doesn't make any sense to me at all. It should go slower cause I sure move a lot slower now than when I was a kid. In fact I do everything slower now.

I have to juice grapes today to attempt to make grape jelly. I've done this before but the stuff won't set even when I use certo (stuff to make it set). The neighbours grape vines produce a ton of grapes. They don't really live in the house they just own it and come into town every month or so and stay there. It's weird living right next door to a house that no one lives in but at least they keep it up so it looks lived in.

Anyway they have grape vines and they never pick the grapes. These are grapes for making wine. I pick them and attempt to make jelly with them. I think they must be a type of wine grape…

Is it just me?

Or do you troll the internet searching for interesting blogs to read? When you find one you save it and follow it. You check your faves several times a day breathlessly waiting to see if she or he has posted an amusing or interesting post. And when no one posts anything interesting or you don't get your blog fix that day you tirelessly start searching for new blogs to read. If all else fails you'll check some older posts on your fave blogs. I think I've almost gone off books now, well not 100% but a little bit.

I love the blogs that just give a daily update of what is going on with a bit of humor thrown in for fun. Then there are the crushing posts that take your breath away when you wish you could give the person a hug or a stiff drink to get them through a tough time. And best of all there are the posts about nothing at all but pure brain fluff. These brain fluff ones give me a real good idea who the person writing them is and what they are all about. And the bl…

Body Alarms

We had our Thanksgiving supper last night at my parents house. I still feel full! Too bad I started to get a migraine aura. I popped some pills and didn't ever get the migraine but I'm getting very worried about these auras. I get the half vision with flashing black and white jagged lines. Very strange. From my reading about migraines you can get auras without the headache part but it's not very common.

So it's off to the Dr's. I'm still waiting for my appointment. I was kind of hoping never to get another migraine again but looks like something is not right.

Oh, big news, my son is now about 1/4 of an inch over 6ft which means he's taller than my husband. LOL! So he's not the tallest of the family anymore! Must feel weird to have your 13 year old son be taller than you. I should know cause he's taller than me and it is weird.

I'm not having much success with my new healthy me program. I have been walking more often but with my messed …


It's Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada. Unlike the US who celebrate the Pilgrims Canadians celebrate the harvest. So it's a three-day weekend here and the kids will be off Monday. Of course my husband will be working the entire weekend. I don't think he's spent more than a handful of holidays with the family since the kids were born.

I have to make some type of yams and peas and carrots to bring to the big supper Monday at my parents' house. My mom will make the turkey, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin and apples pies. My older sister will bring some mashed potatoes and beets. My youngest sister will bring some buns and broccoli or brussel sprouts. A feast will be had!

My daughter is sleeping over at a friends house tonight and my son is having a friend sleep over here. I don't know why kids have to have so many sleep overs. Our house is barely big enough for the four people who live here let alone add more. UG!

I'm off to defrost some homemade sp…


My hand has recovered from it's cramps from typing that huge list of everything broken or not working correctly in our house. I only wish it were the entire list, it isn't even close. But I won't bore you with any more, I'll bore you with something else. LOL!

Today life is good. I feel pretty good, the sun was shining and the kids didn't whine too much when they came home from school. They even managed to leave the house almost immediately after arriving home. So here I sit typing to you, yes you! There actually is a "you" out there. What a way to put the pressure on. But hi, "you." It's good to see you.

I'm waiting for my organic food delivery service to show up. Don't want my veges to sit outside and get icky waiting to be refrigerated. I should have ordered a nice organic dark chocolate bar but I didn't. I'll have to settle for the plums, yams or apples. Sure organic is more expensive but no matter how small or…


I've decided that we need to prioritize the chores that need to get done around here so I made a list of all the things that are broken or don't work properly. Hold on to your hats cause it's a big list and pretty much encompasses everything in our house.
1. New front door knob and lock, cause my dang key doesn't work in the lock and the lock doesn't work properly
2. fix dishwasher, the stupid soap dispenser won't open up so you have to stop and make sure to open it up and flip the lid of the dispenser so the soap comes out
3. fix the taps in the bathroom, long story I blogged about a while ago
4. fix toilet cause it doesn't even flush down toilet paper!!!
5. fix floor in hallway cause all the tiles are coming apart
6. fix tub surround cause it's all moldy and nasty and needs to be replaced cause it's worn out
7. build a wall upstairs so son can move upstairs and we can move downstairs into the master bedroom and not have a sheet for a wall
8. fix or repl…


I just can't work myself up into a rant today. Must be the wrong time of the month or something cause nothing is sticking in my craw. I tried to get a good rant on but even the news seemed boring. Nothing peaked my pique.

October is always such an agreeable month ghosts and all. What is it about October and all things ghostly that has people decorating their house, making costumes and generally going overboard for? Is it that the bulk of the harvest is over and people have a bit of time on their hands. Or is October really the month of ghosts and spirits?

We decorate our house a bit but not a huge amount. My kids do dress up in costumes and walk about the neighbourhood trick'or treating. We carve pumpkins and roast the seeds. But I felt there was another deeper meaning to October. We use it as a time to remember our ancestors. I take out the pictures I have of all our relatives that have passed and put them up. If I have any tokens I was given on their passing I take…

Bored or boring?

Today I am bored. I haven't done a thing all day. There is nothing I want to do. Does that make me bored or boring? Maybe a bit of both. It's a beautiful sunny fall day out there and here I sit inside, stuck, unable to find enthusiasm or even the energy for anything.

Do you have those days? Or is it just me? I'll pay for it tomorrow by having to play catch up on all the crap I didn't do today. Good thing is my headache is gone now. But I'm afraid of eating or doing anything. Just about anything can cause a migraine. Sheesh! How unfair is that? Since my migraines have been few and far between through my adult years, actually only two of them, I'll take my chances and eat like I normally would. If the migraine comes back I'll whack it with some drugs which I'll get from my Dr. as soon as I can get an appointment, they are calling me back.

No word from my younger sister either. It's her day off and I kinda hoped she would call and we could…

Pain in my head

Last year for my 45th birthday I got a migraine. I haven't had a migraine since I was in my teens. Then yesterday I started to get a migraine aura and today I got the worst headache I've had in a very long time. Couldn't even eat my supper.

I guess this is the gift I get for getting older. I get to go through puberty backwards and get migraines on top of it! Oh joy!

I've had enough, really I have. It's just adding insult to injury. I'm already a baggy old woman why the migraines? So I've decided to overhaul myself. I'm taking my vitex tincture daily. I'll be eating more fruits and veges even if it kills me. I've been taking lots of walks since it's cooled down so I'm getting more exercise.

And the most important part of all this is I'm going to get a check-up at my Dr. I've been procrastinating it for much too long. These migraines just suck and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. I hope the Dr. will be able to shed s…

Finally Fall

Fall has officially arrived here. I know because our furnace is turning on in the morning and I have to wear my hoodie around the house with my slippers and socks. Before it was just a t-shirt and bare feet with sandals. It always seems to happen suddenly. Not two weeks ago it was so hot that we had the a/c on and now the furnace is on.

I love Fall, it's my favorite season, then spring, then winter. Summer is my least favorite because of the heat and all. Who ever said Canada was cold is an idiot cause here it gets to 40C for a huge part of the summer, thanks to Global warming.

So the trees are turning colors and it actually takes my breath away. I have to stop and stare so often that walks become stalls. I'll take my camera tomorrow if it's not raining and see if I can take some pictures.

Something shocking happened the other day, something that I've been thinking about and trying to make sense out of. My youngest sister who has been married for 20 years phone…