Halloween is for kids

At least that is what I thought but both my kids have taken off and I'm stuck doing all the Halloween stuff. Sheesh! I've carved a pumpkin, put out the graves in the front yard, got the porch cleaned off and got all the other Halloween stuff set up. I should have two helpers here today but they seem to think their friends are more important than their mom! When did that happen?

One child I'll forgive cause he's 13 now and thinks he's too old for trick'or treating. And in his defense I'd say anyone that saw his over 6 ft frame would think he was too. So now that he's too old to go out for candy or dress up in a costume he's gone over to a friend's house for a sleep-over. One kid down and one more to go.

The other one has her costume and did carve one of the pumpkins with me but right after took off to go play with her friends. The husband is of course at work and won't be home until late. I'll be dragging around with my daughter and her friends while they trick'or treat. We live in a small town and everyone still goes door to door. I think I'll bring the car and sit in it while they run around. They can drop off candy in the car if their bags get too heavy. Why do people give out cans of pop? Those cans of pop sure weigh a bag down.

I only bought licorice to give out so I'm less likely to pig it all down myself. So if we don't get many kids at our door, actually I just thought that if I'm not home to hand it out then all that licorice is not going anywhere. {sigh}

I wish I could find another adult to come with me cause it gets so boring by myself. Time flies by when you are chatting with someone and drags by when you are stuck in the car by yourself. I may have to bring a book and see if my book light works well enough. Or I could park under a streetlight. Do you think people will think I'm some kind of pervert or freak? Naw, cause tons of other parents will be doing the same thing.

Lovely weather right now, it's actually sunny. It was supposed to be rainy today so I hope it doesn't show up right when the kids are going out. That always was the worst when it rained while you were trying to trick'or treat. Nothing worse than a soggy bag of candy and your face makeup running all over.

Well I'm off to fold laundry, wish me luck.


MarmiteToasty said…
well all me lads were out at different parties last night so that left me alone to deal with trick or treaters, I miss the wonderful halloween parties I use to give when me lads were younger....

but I cooked up a storm all afternoon yesterday for the trick or treaters..... little pizza mummy faces, hotdog wrapped mummys, tiny little decorated fairy cakes (cupcakes) wobbly heart jellies stuffed with eyeball that the kids had to dig for the treats in....... but the best of all, I thought I would make the adults that came a knocking with their kids a treat...... yep, they were mega chufted that I had taken the time and effort to make them homemade chocolate truffles JUST for the adults....well, that was until they popped on in their mouths and bit into a chocolate covered cooked brussel sprout LMFAO it was just the funniest ever.... much gagging and coughing and gobbing out into the gutter, much much laughter though at the trick..... one bloke laffed so hard that a bit of sprout came out of his nose....... yep.... it sure was fun even though I was such a saddo doing it all on me own lmfao.....

oh and I dress up and scare the pants off the kids that dare to knock on me door :)

Sparkless said…
Oh Marmite that is fantastic! I can barely wait to try your truffle treat next halloween! LOL!!
Capital Mom said…
I have a funny image of you sitting in the car with a book and a small light trying to hide from all the trick-or-treaters. That made me laugh. Thanks.

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