Finally Fall

Fall has officially arrived here. I know because our furnace is turning on in the morning and I have to wear my hoodie around the house with my slippers and socks. Before it was just a t-shirt and bare feet with sandals. It always seems to happen suddenly. Not two weeks ago it was so hot that we had the a/c on and now the furnace is on.

I love Fall, it's my favorite season, then spring, then winter. Summer is my least favorite because of the heat and all. Who ever said Canada was cold is an idiot cause here it gets to 40C for a huge part of the summer, thanks to Global warming.

So the trees are turning colors and it actually takes my breath away. I have to stop and stare so often that walks become stalls. I'll take my camera tomorrow if it's not raining and see if I can take some pictures.

Something shocking happened the other day, something that I've been thinking about and trying to make sense out of. My youngest sister who has been married for 20 years phoned me and told me her and her husband are separated. Those two always looked so together and the least likely to get separated that it came as a great shock to everyone in the family. She wouldn't tell me any details only that they were getting counselling from their Pastor. I wish they would see a marriage counsellor though, one with a degree and no religious slant to their ideas. The church these two go to believe that the man is the head of the household and the woman the help mate. I know, it sounds like something from the 1950's and it's hard to get my head around anyone who would live like that but we love her anyway and accept her choices in life even though they aren't the same as ours.

My older sister and I were lunching today and talking about what could have possibly gone wrong since we were not told any details only that they were hoping to work things out but were separated right now. We both agreed that we can only love and support her, we've both told her as much. We can't force her to come to us nor can we force our help down her throat. But we find it sad that she has this separation from her own family. She should feel that she can come to us for anything in times of need but her church and her husband have taught her something different. Instead she feel shame about her family because we don't attend her church. She rarely phones us and only attends family gatherings when necessary. We all live in the same town too. Sad that a church would divide a family and teach shame not acceptance.

My heart breaks for her and I wish I could help her through this. Fall sends changes, some of them good and some of them not so good. I hope Fall brings you wonderful changes and beauty that makes your heart skip a beat.


My heart goes out to you. The seasons are changing, and Autumn is my favourite time of year, but the world moves on, and somehow, things have a way of working themselves out.
Your sister will need all her Family to be there and support her, and that is all that you can do. She will talk to you when she is ready, but I hope that things work out for them.
I don't mean to sound harsh when I write this, but Family is always there, never mind what the Church says. This is a personal matter, and someone who has never gone through these things things, can't really be the best judge.
Thoughts are with you that it doesn't come to a separation.
Love, Alice, x
I have left you a little gift over at my blog!
Big Hugs!
Vodka Logic said…
I think my seasonal choices are the same but winter is a tie for summer as last.

Thanks to Alice in Wonderland for leading me to your blog.

Family is hard but her choices are hers and I hope she knows you are there for her.
Good luck
Anonymous said…
She lucky to have you. Just be there for her

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