You know how some people will read at night to help put themselves to sleep? Well the exact opposite happens to me when I read at night. I just can't put the book down and by the time I take a minute to look at the clock it's 2:30am!

So as you can imagine after getting up at 6:30am (shudder) I am only half awake today. But the best part of my day is going to be after my son leaves for school. I'll be crawling back into bed. Yup, nothing better than being able to get back into bed when you've been up half the night reading.

Or I could read some more.... better not chance it. I'll be up all day too then!


Kate said…
I am really bad for that... even if I have read the book before!

missykimmy said…
Haha, it's the same with me! At least you can finish a book quickly. Last year, or the year before that, I read a book (by Sophie Kinsella) until 7.30 a.m.! I had started at 11.00 p.m. But it was worth it. Some books are worth a sleepless night or two. (:

Come to think of it, I've read all of Sophie Kinsella's books through sleepless nights. Ever heard of her?

Anyway, have fun reading! Do catch up on your sleep though. (:

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