Body Alarms

We had our Thanksgiving supper last night at my parents house. I still feel full! Too bad I started to get a migraine aura. I popped some pills and didn't ever get the migraine but I'm getting very worried about these auras. I get the half vision with flashing black and white jagged lines. Very strange. From my reading about migraines you can get auras without the headache part but it's not very common.

So it's off to the Dr's. I'm still waiting for my appointment. I was kind of hoping never to get another migraine again but looks like something is not right.

Oh, big news, my son is now about 1/4 of an inch over 6ft which means he's taller than my husband. LOL! So he's not the tallest of the family anymore! Must feel weird to have your 13 year old son be taller than you. I should know cause he's taller than me and it is weird.

I'm not having much success with my new healthy me program. I have been walking more often but with my messed up hormones and these weird migraines I'm not sure if it's something I'm eating or not eating. I'm almost afraid to eat but then it could be from not eating too. UG! Why can't bodies come with an instruction manual? It would make life a whole lot simpler.

Instead of wondering if something you ate made you ill a light would come on in your head and tell you "that meatloaf had bad bacteria in it and it's gonna start shooting out of you from both ends so get home fast!" Or if your levels were off an alarm would sound in your head with a different tone like a ring tone to let you know which level was low. Like for PMS a siren would go off in your head and then say "HORMONES ARE REACHING DANGEROUS LEVELS. PLEASE ISOLATE YOURSELF UNTIL ALL DANGER TO OTHERS IS OVER!" Or for being full an alarm would sound and then a shock would go to your eating hand to paralyze it so you can't eat anymore food. If that failed a shock would go to your mouth so you couldn't open your mouth to eat anymore. That would sure put an end to over eating!

Sadly my body came with no instructions and although I have been able to figure out most of it's demands and signals there are some I'm still in the dark over. I eat too much cause my body tells me I'm hungry. I don't get enough exercise cause my body doesn't want to move much, it likes to be sitting around. I crave those carbs so I give them to my body. Why can't my dang body crave healthy foods and exercise? It would make life so much easier if it did.

I guess I'll just have to ignore most of the demands my body makes. If it feels like eating chocolate for breakfast I'll ignore that. If it feels like lazing on the couch I'll ignore that and go for a walk. If I don't want to eat that salad I'll ignore that and eat it anyway. When I feel like I want a big sweet latte I'll sip on some water or tea instead. I won't give in to any demands my body makes! It will be a fight to the death! And I'm gonna win..... umm... if my body loses .... uh. Oh, never mind, a left over piece of pumpkin pie is calling me.


Judith said…
Just feel lucky, my body took care of my craving for bad food the bad way... allergies... now I can no longer eat flour, chicken, eggs, potatoes!!!! it sucks, that I had to go healthy, but guess what?? that's right, I haven't lost one pound!!!! eating all veggies, no carbs... doesn't do squat! Your body stays at the weight it wants to stay!
Sparkless said…
Sheesh that sounds like a bit of a rip off Judith. To eat all that good stuff and not lose any weight. You must be perfect, just the way you are.

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