Weekends are long and boring when you're home alone with the kids. You're either driving them someplace or picking them up. Or you're home cause they're at a friend's and if you go anywhere you'll have to phone the parents of the friend and tell them you are going out and that's too much like asking them to babysit. So I've sat at home all day bored out of my mind.

Sure I could be cleaning something but no one is gonna die cause I'm a lazy cow. I almost went and bought some booze to amuse myself with but then thought better of it cause I've got all day tomorrow to get through. Don't need a hangover too.

I don't have any good books to read right now. The local library is not open on weekends. Can you believe that? What library isn't open on the weekend when lots of people want to go there? Stupid cost cutting measures in our small town that's why. Grrrrrrr!

The kids are watching Monster House. I wonder how many hours of my life I've wasted watching kids shows. Now that would be a scary number. I'd probably get a few years of time back if you added all those wasted hours. I don't really consider watching tv as spending time with the kids. Unfortunately when I ask them to play a game or cards they always say no now. I can't even get them to go shopping with me anymore. I've taken to bribing them with food or small items just so I don't have to go shopping alone anymore.

So I'm contemplating what I'll do tomorrow to keep myself from going totally insane and so far I've come up with nothing, nada, zippo. If I win the lottery tonight I'll have a big long list but with only $20 in the bank until payday it kinda limits my options. That's me all right, a gal of limited options.


Kate said…
If you are bored and have no booked I recommend planning what you would spent a lottery win on. Or how things would change if you ruled the world

Hope you are well :)

K xx
Sparkless said…
Yup, already planned what I'd do if I won the lottery, about a million time! LOL!
The ruling the world thing, well I just can't imagine it unless I outlawed whining and general disgruntlement about my rule.

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