What a View!

I just looked out my kitchen window to see this. Yes that is the neighbour's mess and not mine. You can't really see that it's snowing but I thought I'd share what a horrible view we have out our kitchen window.

And since that isn't bad enough here's another view. Take note of the nice new patio chairs that they have just brought out right before winter. And notice the nice fence for the dogs. What they are doing with the birch logs I have no idea. Maybe it's their way to be artistic? Either way it looks horrible and we have to look out onto it daily. We've taken to closing our blinds. Sad cause that's the only window in the kitchen and we really need the light.

I have no idea why they put a fence in the middle of their yard. They said it was for the dogs. I think it's to hide the mess behind the fence although it doesn't do it very well. They used old pallets for the fence wood so you can imagine how well it's going to stand up over time. And they cemented in a couple of those birch logs you see standing up. I guess they used them as posts. I wonder how long they'll continue standing.

Do you think we should move before they make their yard a bigger mess and decrease our property value even more?


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