The crap hit the fan!

Seems this woman "Hitler" (this is a board member I complained about in a past post who I now refer to as Hitler) was offended at this past meeting. The real funny part is she was offended by something that happened when she wasn't even at the meeting. So someone had to tell her and put a bit of spin on what she was told. This someone is a paid employee and isn't even a board member. This someone is the one who is always stirring the pot and telling tales. If we could fire him we would!

So Hitler was offended and couldn't deal with it without letting everyone know about it in an e-mail. Then the offending party apologizes and says he will resign for fear of offending anyone else. Yes, I am dealing with adults here. Adults with the brains the size of peas and the social skills of baboons! No, I'm sorry baboons have better social skills than these people do so my apologies to all baboons.

Then the tattle teller composes an e-mail calling for calm heads and no resignations. He was the one that upset the whole wagon cart in the first place. He's the instigator of the whole thing! ACK! I'd like to smack him upside the head.

So now we've got a bunch of sheep who won't make a peep about any of the e-mails, a pot stirrer who is acting like the reasonable one, and Hitler who is offended. Most of the people on this board do nothing but show up to meetings. They never volunteer to do any work nor would they ever use any initiative to make anything better. This club is for our kids for goodness sakes!

And last night I was at this club helping with something. Hitler of course forgot part of the things she was supposed to bring. She does this a lot. Even though she is one of the people who does the most work on the board she is also the one who is the hardest to deal with and the biggest pain in the butt. But as we are all volunteers and unpaid it's best to be appreciative of anything anyone does or they will up and quit leaving you with all the work and headache. Not that most of the other board members do anything anyway.

Ohhh and then there is our President who rarely does anything and only shows up for meetings once in awhile. This is a man who works for the gov't doling out gov't funds for his group. He knows his way around but the only thing he ever does for our club is to pay for a bunch of kids to attend the club. He uses his gov't money to pay for some kids so we have to kiss his butt.

And our head paid employee also owned the club for years but wants to retire so let a non-profit board take it over. He still acts as if he owns the club and can do anything he wants such as lending out equipment without board approval, giving people discounts and pretty much doing anything else that pops into his head. "Fire him" you say. Well if we could find another person who had the training to do his job it would be easy but so far after advertising in several places we have only had on person apply and several who did not have the training needed. The one person we hired to be the next Head honcho is a ski bum who will most likely leave us in the lurch when she finds a better paying job. Not to mention she has to have every weekend off to ski so we can't have any weekend programs now. ACK!!!

I'm getting dangerously close to having my head explode again so I'm going to end this rant and go light my candle.


Judith said…
Oh my goddess!!!! If I didn't know better, I would assume this is my friend who works for the same type of company, but in the US!! She says the same things every day! I'm so glad I'm retired! Take a deep breath, and try to block all the idiots out!
missykimmy said…
Haha, adults you say? I hope I never have to deal with these kind of people in the future.

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